A Visit to Beth & Ryan's

Ryan, Courtney, Jason & I went to Beth & Ryan's Friday night for dinner. Beth made a great supper and then we all sat around talking and playing with Cade. I snapped some great pictures of him. Wish I could post all of them. Thanks Brooks family for such a great night.

Cade on his blanket

Close Up! But I love this one.

Beth & Ryan have learned how to make him smile and giggle a little.

Before & After


Chicken Nuggets

I had the pleasure of babysitting Evan on Saturday night. We had a blast. He is the funniest three year old I know. He loves to tell "stories". He loves chicken nuggets!

Picking the perfect nugget takes patience

Yummm........ it's a good one!

Evan wanted to show Lil Kitty his Happy Meal box. Strangely, Lil Kitty listened intently.

He was contemplating whether or not to eat another nugget

The Patient

Ryan has been down in his back for a week now. He has had an MRI and is going for a Catscan this week. No real word on whats wrong but he is definetly in a lot of pain. We had to visit the ER on Friday night! YIKES. So during one of his resting sessions the boys decided to use him as a napping tower.