Happy Halloween

I think Lauren will sit this one out. But next year we'll be out and about! Happy Halloween everyone!


Bath Time Baby...

Just a quick post on a cute baby wrapped up in a towel! This was the 2nd bath in a row where there were no tears! Ryan does a good job on distracting her. She just stares at him like he is the greatest thing since pacifiers. I'm just the old make-up-less hag that she sees everyday...I'm old news! ; )


I hate goodbyes...

My Aunt Barb and Aunt Pat arrived on Thursday night. The sole purpose of their trip was to finally meet their great niece. Both of them have played such a huge role in my life. They are truly the most encouraging, supportive, and loving people I know. I cherish the relationship that I have with the both of them. To see them with Lauren was pure bliss for me. They loved her more than life before they met her and now it seems unmeasurable. They rocked and sang her to sleep, fed her, told her stories, started her college fund, and filled her full of love. My heart is heavy that we had to say goodbye tonight. In this picture, I can see just how much they love her. It was when they were saying goodbye to her. Safe travels Aunt Barb and Aunt Pat. We will see you very soon on Skype. We love you both so much.


Much needed thank you...............

A friend and I were talking this morning and I said, "How thankful are we for our parents?" We both agreed that without our parents, raising children would be near impossible.

This week has been the most trying as a mom. You all know that I'm a little control crazy. The past several days Lauren has decided that she does not need to take a nap during the day. A 5 week old without a nap all day long is completely exhausting, miserable, and completely insane!! Being the control freak that I am, she has ruined what I thought we had as a schedule and has thrown me into overdrive trying to "fix" this problem. Instead of sleeping I sit online, trying to figure out the answer. News flash, if there were a perfect answer to getting babies to sleep, obviously we would all know it and babies across the world would sleep peacefully all night and day......
We'll life at the Farley household has been a little stressful. There is a lot of crying going on and Lauren is doing the least of it. Here's the jist of the post, finally....
Without parents I wouldn't have been able to shower, go to the grocery store, get a moment of sanity (although it left quickly), and most importantly sleep. Without these special people in my life I would have commited myself. Sounds dramatic, but seriously I mean it. Never did I imagine how hard this would be.
So a big thank you for coming and taking her for a walk, for taking her while I go to the grocery store, for keeping her so I could sleep, for listening to me for the 100th time that day ask "what in the hell am I going to do?", for being the best parents we could ever ask for. THANK YOU!!!


My Aunties are coming to town!!!

Tomorrow Lauren's Great Aunt Pat and Aunt Barb will be flying in from Seattle to meet their niece for the first time! We've been counting down the days!!



Lauren, you turned a month old yesterday. I can't believe that for 30 days, I have been a mommy. We both have learned so much from each other in that time.

You are sleeping 3-4 hours at a time.
At night you wake up twice just to eat and go right back to sleep.
You get the hiccups ALL the time.
You love to watch Dora the Explorer and Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends.
You have to be swaddled in order to sleep. If not your arms will wake you up.
You have gone through 4 different types of swaddle blankets. All you can escape from, but seem to settle on the Miracle Blanket.
You weigh 10 lbs and are 22 inches long.
You are super strong and hold your head up with no problem for several minutes at a time.
You strongly dislike it when you potty in your diaper and make sure everyone knows in a 20 mile radius.
The only time you cry is when you are hungry, tired, potty pants, or hot. Other than that you are calm as can be.
I am so thankful for such a good and patient baby.
I am working on being more of a patient mommy.
Happy one month birthday my little Wren.

Our second photo shoot........

mosey on over to Katie's blog to see more!!


Sunday night football continued

Of course life comes to a screeching halt on Sundays and Monday nights during football season. Lauren has become pretty accustom to it and even seems to watch it fairly closely when it's on.

A DIY post.....finally!

This afternoon after I put Lauren to sleep, I did this quick little project that I had seen months ago! Galvanized pails, mums, black sharpie, and a initial of your choice from Word is all you need. I did this in less than 15 minutes! I'll change out the orange ribbon for brown after Halloween so I can keep them up for Thanksgiving. I also did another font on the other side with a brown sharpie for that reason. Hope you had a fantastic weekend!


A first time....

Today Lauren had her first bottle. We had tried once before and she completely objected to it. My mom brought over a Dr. Brown bottle and it was a success! I was so proud of the both of them for being patient with each other, both learning to do something totally foreign for each of them. The sight, though I kept my distance (experts say that a baby can smell their mommy 20 ft away!) brought tears to my eyes. The first of many first times.....


How the years go by......

Here we were last night, three exhausted mommies.

This was us ten years ago, at a Britney Spears concert I might add.

Oh how the years go by.........amazing memories girls. Just thought I would be a little sentimental. ; )


October 6, 2006

4 years ago we were doing this.........

4 years later, here we are.....

Happy 50th Angie!

On Wednesday, Ryan's mom turned 50! We had a little celebration for her before her sisters take her on a spa weekend this Friday. Of course everybody wanted to hold Lauren. She as always, was a good sport and let everyone entertain her. It was a great night! We hope that you make wonderful birthday memories this weekend Nanny!


I pray this is not a "phase"

Lauren had her 3 week checkup today. She rocked the scale at 10lbs and 1 oz. From there we went to Pier One, Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart, and the realty office. Never once did she make a peep. She was quiet all day long.

After we got home, I put her down for a much needed nap. When I crept in my bedroom 45 mins later. I found this. Who knows how long she had been there awake. I hope this peaceful angel business isn't a "phase". Perhaps this is her demeanor. Oh wouldn't that be grand.......I won't hold my breath.


Thanks Uncle Kyle

This morning we made a jaunt across the street for breakfast at Grandma Phyllis's and Grandpa Al's. We were able to try out the darling hat that Uncle Kyle got for her. She was so dang cute in it!!

Rub and Dub Dub, Crazy Haired Baby in a Tub

She had her first "real" bath last night. We've been giving her sponge baths up until now. I think her hair will be something we will learn to conquer. Don't you just love that just out of the bath baby smell??!!