Our Christmas recap.....(longest post ever)

This post is pretty much for memories sake. Warning, there are a few hundred photos of Wren with her presents. 

Oh, the depressing feeling of Christmas's end.  Our 48 hour Christmas festivities have finally come to a halt.  When she woke up, we sang Happy Birthday to her baby Jesus along with some major clapping on her part.  I had to pack away her nativity scene while she was gone because she loves her baby Jesus! He slept with her many nights in December.  This was the second year that I hosted Christmas morning breakfast.  It's a nice way for both sides of our families to come together before we start the 3 stop home hopping.  We all ate and watched Lauren play with her new kitchen and babies.

We didn't buy much for her this year, because one, we are on a super tight budget and two because she loves to play with plastic cups, keys, and golf balls.  She got from Santa two baby dolls, Cabbage Patch and Baby Alive, a baby stroller, and a Disney Princess Tent.  All together we had four get togethers not including our own.  Lauren's 7pm bedtime was shot both nights and stretched into 10:30ish. 

The best part about Christmas this year was to see our families fall in love with Christmas all over again as they watched Lauren. They say that Christmas is a child's holiday, but I can argue that several adults could say this was their best one yet.  I hope that everyone found joy in whatever holiday or tradition they celebrated this December.  I hope that you all rekindled the spirit that many of us had as children.  I also hope that it inspired you to reach out and do something for someone else.  As we head into the new year, my wish is that we all become a little more cognoscente of those around us and to give a little more of ourselves to those in need.  As 2011 draws to a close, I hope that we all can say we made wonderful memories with those we love. In the end, that's all we really have anyway, right? On with the pictures!

Christmas Eve Morning in her new Elmo jammies 
 Christmas Eve at her Great Grandparents house
 My grandpa gave Lauren a baby doll and this beautiful 85 year old baby bed of my grandmothers.  Although we told her it was for her babies, she still wanted in it.  As always, my grandpa gives such thoughtful gifts.
 Whew! A nap before mass at 5:30. I even drove around for an extra 30 mins so she could get in some extra sleep.  Note the hair bow is out and thrown about the car.
 Right before church. 
 Way.......past bedtime and she was so delirious she posed for a picture.
 Chasing the mouse with Nanny and Great Grandma

Brushing Daddy's teeth with Baby's Alive's toothbrush.

 Her new kitchen

With Nanny and Grandpa

Grandpa and Papa on Christmas Morning
Her new bounce house that she now lives in
Her first play house
Playing with Great Grandpa who bought the above items and already has her birthday gift planned.
Her first bicycle
Wren and I, Christmas night. 
Lauren and her aunties


Merry Christmas

May today be surrounded by the squeals of joy, laughter, and warmth of family and friends.


Baking cookies for the first time!

Tonight we went over to Ryan's parents to bake cookies.  She really enjoyed stirring and eating all of the chocolate chips. She also got to open an early gift from a neighbor and she really enjoyed it! Here are a few pictures from today.

Me and Wren
 Wren and her girlfriend Callie
 During this shot, she reached down and got a mouthful of raw dough!! Ahhh!

On her new V-tech turtle.

Lipstick and Nailpolish

Lauren is getting ready for the holidays.  Yesterday she took my lipstick and applied it on herself and her crib.  Today she got her Christmas pedicure. I'm on a little break right now.  I am loving the time that we are getting to spend together. I hope that you and your family and friends are making memories today, tomorrow, and into the new year!!

How pitiful is this!
She knew she was in trouble!

 Waiting for her piggies to dry.
Having a tea party to pass the time.