Oh how I love this little girl..........

I am returning to work on Tuesday after 11 weeks off. I'm so thankful that I was able to spend such a long stretch of time with her. Although, it was not enough........


Hairbow girls.........

I had Ryan take this last night before we went to dinner. Both of us were sporting our favorite hairbows. God love Lauren. She looks like a little old lady in her sweater coat. I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I ate enough green bean casserole to choke a donkey. I still have some in the fridge. I might go back for my 46th helping. Good night to you all. For those who are braving the crowds in 6 hours, may the force be with you!


A turkey for my little bird.........

This is where Lauren has spent her morning. Watching me sew and swear.

I am soooo behind on DIY projects. I have so many on my list to do but it seems that they never get started. I've been a little preoccupied! I looked at so many cute Thanksgiving smocked dresses that I loved online. All were a little pricey and I thought that since she would only wear it once, why spend the money. Plus, with a dress comes tights. I'm pretty sure a 2 month old would hate tights. Come to think of it, I hate tights. So I settled on a $6.00 outfit instead. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. I'm still completely self teaching with sewing on appliques. It's a little shotty looking but hopefully no one will look too close. She'll wear it with her brown ruffled behind cotton pants and of course a hair bow to match. I had all the fabric on hand so I only spent money on the onesie!

Happy 30th Birthday Ryan!

Yesterday, Ryan turned 30. As all of our other friends turn 30 and their significant others are throwing them surprise parties, I quickly let Ryan know that this year he would have to forgo a surprise party. With a 9 week old thrown in the mix, I simply didn't have the time or the brain power to plan one. Sorry Ry.... All of Ryan's family is in celebrating a wedding this weekend, so it was so nice to have all of our extended family in to spend his 30th with him.

As you say goodbye to your 20's, I hope that your 30's are even more memorable and fulfilling. We love you!!!


Morning chirping from my little bird......

In the mornings I never know what I am going to find when I enter Wren's room. This morning I found that she had weaseled her way out of her swaddler, had scooted down 5 inches from where she had been laid, and had an intense conversation going on with her crib bumper. I sat there for several minutes listening to her chirping and oooing, wondering where the conversation was going.

If I could bottle this moment up I would. Every morning I walk in there I think to myself, another day has gone and another has started. Life is slipping by way too quickly for me. Soon I will walk to this door and there will be a sign taped to it saying, "No parents allowed". Of course I will rip it down and give her a 10 minute lecture on respect and getting a job since she feels she is capable of owning her own bedroom. But for now, I will bask in the glory of her morning conversations with her beautiful crib bumper. I love her so dearly, my little fuzzy haired wren.....

Poor little wren.....

Yesterday we had the dreaded 2 month immunizations. She was so good through the whole visit until the 3 shots came. She cried for about 2 minutes and then passed out and slept the whole ride home. I was really looking forward to the "will be more tired the usual" side effect. That never happened.. We took a few photos while waiting for the nurse to pass the time. I am laughing so hard in the pictures because when Ryan started snapping away she looked right at him and cocked her head like she was posing.


morning time with a little spikey haired girl.....

This morning I took a few shots of Lauren while she was all snugly in my bed. (She sleeps in her crib, I just brought her in my bedroom this morning.) This afternoon we have to go and get her 2 month shots. I'm dreading it so badly! Let's hope it's a breeze and she'll cringe a little and that will be that! Right..........

How about that belly?
Always looking at the ceiling fan or the windows.


Sunday football.........

I think these photos were hilarious. If I didn't know any better I would believe that my child was a born football fanatic. I'm pretty sure she just likes the fast movement and colors though.... She looks so big in this picture! She still looks exactly like her dad. People say they can see me in her. I think they just say that to make me feel better! : ) I don't mind. I think he is handsome!
Intently watching the game..

2 months......

You are now 12 lbs and 23 1/2 inches long.
We are still trying to get the whole nap thing down, but when you do nap it is for 3 hours straight!
You slept 8 hours straight twice this week.
You love to smile and talk to everyone.
You attended mass for the first time and didn't make a peep!
You are eating 4 ounces at a time.
You get the hiccups after every burp.
You have started to notice yourself in the mirror.
You still have to be swaddled to sleep.
We still play your cricket white noise during naps and night time and we have now added your sleep sheep into the routine. The waterfall knocks you out in seconds.
You hate being held like a "baby" and like to be sitting up at all times.
You love watching football with your dad on Sundays and Monday nights.
You are wearing 3-6 month clothing and can wear 6 month pants because of your long legs!
Sadly, my maternity leave is coming to an end. I only have two more weeks to spend with you, then it's off to your nanny's everyday. I know I will be a basketcase for the first couple of weeks! I love you so much little wren. Happy 2 month birthday!

A few shots of her on her playmat. She was talking to herself in the mirror.


Calling all my fellow bloggers!!

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So Merry Christmas from me to you! Now pass it on to your blog girlfriends!


Jail Bird.........

We snapped this picture because we thought that Lauren looked so big sitting up like a grown up. Everyone has said today that she looks like a jail bird in her stripes. I said that she was charged with the crime of not sleeping during the day and being very unruly at during bedtime. It took FOUR hours to put her down last night. FOUR!!! But the little open mouth bird kisses she gave me today made up for it. I love those little lips!


Sunday full of smiles............

Thought I would post a few of her recent smiling sessions. Everyday she is changing and doing something new. She loves to try to talk. The changing table seems to be where she is most talkative. When I rock her at night, I sing a short little goodnight song. It never puts her to sleep because she is too busy talking/singing right a long with me. My little wren will be 2 months old in a few days. Ugh! The time is slipping by in the wink of an eye!


Clarification for a few readers......

Good morning! I knew that I would have some readers shake their head in disapproval regarding my last "reality" post. But never ever did I think that some would perceive it as a "cry for help". Please know that the post was supposed to be taken in a light hearted manner, although I meant every word of it. Someone suggested I take the post down, which would be missing the whole point of the post! Motherhood is hard! Our society shames mothers who speak openly about this very issue because we are molded into believing that if we speak about how hard it is, we are less than perfect mothers and women! What a disservice to all of us hardworking mothers! Venting and having an open dialouge about this topic is a very healthy way for new mothers to let out frustration or gain answers on issues or problems they are having. So please don't feel negativly towards me because I am stating my feelings. This is my blog where I can do just that! Several of my friends have spoken out on how refreshing it was to know they weren't the only ones feeling this way. So no, I will not take down the post. For anyone who may have misconstrued my words, please put your mind at rest.
Sorry for the rest of you who got the real purpose of the message. Such seriousness at 8 a.m. is not a fun blogpost to read in the morning! Now go to someone else on your blogroll and read a much lighter fluffier post! Happy Thursday to you all!
Coming from a mental health background, I feel I need to add that for any mothers who might be going through postpartum depression, please seek help from a mental health professional. It is reported that 15% of new mothers go through postpartum depression or postpartum anxiety. Researchers believe the number is much higher but women simply refuse or are too ashamed to ask for help. Also, women are not the only ones that go through depression during this stage in their lives. The medical field is also seeing a number of new fathers going through PPD. Be an advocate for yourself and your child and let someone know you need help.


Reality of Motherhood...........

Tis the season to be pregnant. I have 11 friends right now that are expecting. Five of them are brand new mothers. I was inspired to do this post by one of my favorite blogs, Motherhood Uncensored. Very few of my friends were candid enough to fill me in on the "real" reality of motherhood. You girls know who you are. Thank you for opening up and letting me know it's not all sunshine and unicorns day after day. Those conversations I still hang on to when life comes to a screetching hault at 3 am and nothing is working. Here are a few her thoughts and mine combined. Take what you want from it. Just my thoughts......

* every woman doesn’t LOVE being pregnant. there definitely are some women who do, but i wasn’t one of them. i never had that “pregnancy glow”. all in all, pregnancy isn’t exactly my favorite stage in life.
* stay in the hospital as long as possible. you might be bored & lonely, but when you go home, you’re on your own. at least in the hospital you can call a nurse for help.
*people who say, "Isn't being a mother the greatest thing in the world"? These people obviously have forgotten the newborn stage. being honest, at this point it's not. little sleep, showers that come not as often as they should, crying (both you and baby), and nights that you think will never end aren't my idea of "great".
* breastfeeding might be natural, but it is definitely NOT easy for everyone & often times it can be painful for some.
* your boobs will never be perfect again… they’ll get super huge (& probably painful while engorged), & then they’ll shrink down, practically becoming indentations.
* just because you carried the baby for nine months, doesn’t mean you can soothe & quiet them when they are screaming bloody murder, for hours & hours on end.
* falling in love with your newborn isn't something that always happens instantly. it isn't always a love at first sight for everyone.
*although you have a significant other or family member helping you, you realize in the end it is all up to you. the feeling of responsibility can feel as heavy as a semi truck backing over you.
* sometimes, you’ll go days without showering. a pony tail will become your new ‘do, a hat your new best friend, & you can go hours without realizing you haven’t eaten anything or changed your clothes in 48 hours.
* sleeping more than 3 hours in a row is a luxury
* getting the time & energy to clean the house, fold the laundry, or load the dishwasher will make you feel like you’ve won the lottery
* counting the number of hours your newborn slept became my favorite hobby. as soon as she would wake up, I instantly count how many hours she has slept. It keeps me entertained during 3 am feedings.
* you’ll find yourself thinking “of a day as units of time, each unit consisting of no more than thirty minutes. Full hours can be a little bit intimidating and most activities take about half an hour. Taking a bath: one unit, watching countdown: one unit, web-based research: two units, exercising: three units, having my hair carefully disheveled: four units. It’s amazing how the day fills up. (especially when you are feeding the baby every 6 units!).
* i always knew i was going to breastfeed, i just was never prepared for how much i could (and would) leak. i didn’t realize that i could soak through my shirt, even while wearing a nursing pad. it's really fantastic when it happens when you have company over and don't realize it until they have left.
* others comments and advice. no, allowing her to go out without a hat on in 75 degree weather will not give her a cold, ear ache, or stomach ache. i appreciate stories of your perfect children but please keep them to yourself until mine are 20. remind yourself that all children are different, what worked for your friend's kid might not work for yours.
I know that 20 years from now, (probably a lot sooner) I will wish for these days back. I will never fully remember her this little or what it was like to be a new mom, what her sweet "I'm hungry", cry sounds like, or her facination with finding her new voice. So during my times of chaos, I remind myself to "keep calm, and carry on". Hope this helps a few of you girls out there. A big WELCOME to mommyhood to 2 friends who delivered this week!
May this be a reminder that you don't have to be the perfect mommy that our society assumes we should be!

Morning Smiles....

In the morning we get up play for 15 minutes, eat, and then she's in her bouncer chair and it's nap time. She was overly excited this morning about the windows in her room. Yeah, that's what she was smiling at. I fight to keep her concentration every time she eats from not practically breaking her neck to get a look at her windows. I even placed black out shades behind the drapes just so she couldn't see the light peaking through. The girl loves windows. Whatever keeps her happy!