Happy Birthday Claudia!

Happy Birthday to Claudia! This is Merrett & Sophia's nanna. Hope you had a great day! Since my blog is filled with her beautiful grandchildren, I just had to put her on here too!!!


Baby Cade Update

Just to let all of you know that Beth and Cade are doing very well. Beth sent me this picture of him on her phone. He is wearing a outfit I bought him for Halloween!! Isn't he a dollface!!! Thanks Beth for sending that to me.


Sunday Night Football!

Sunday night football means one thing! Ryan sleeping on the couch. Our new couch I might add. Him and the "boys" (cats) enjoyed the game with their eyes closed most of the night.
Little Kitty is the only one cheering on the team

Look at their arms. They are snuggle buddies.

Happy Halloween!

On Saturday night we went to a Halloween party in Herrin. It was so hillarious to see some of the people there in their costumes. It was a lot of fun, even if Ryan doesn't remember half of the night!

Miranda & I (I look like I am in pain for some reason!)

Yes, this is my husband. Leisure Suit Larry is what I called him. This would be his "sexy" face. I love this picture. Mostly because of the fact that the guy in this picture is Ryan's DENTIST! Hillarious! He made his own teeth by the way.

Elvis and Ryan.

What is Tiger Woods doing in Herrin, Illinois?


Happy Birthday Merrett & Sophia!

On Saturday Merrett and Sophia celebrated their birthdays. Having their birthdays just days apart, Toby and Nate thought it would be easier to have them together. Merrett turned three and Sophia turned one. Toby decorated and the house looked gorgeous! Like always! Take note of Sophia's outfit. I can't believe a one year old would keep that hat on all morning.

Doll Face!!

Toby knew to take her outfit off before the cake!!Merrett getting ready to blow out the candles. I couldn't get any good pictures of Merrett. With all of his friends around he wouldn't dare stop and smile for me for a picture!!


Happy Birthday Cade!

Here are some pictures of Baby Brooks!!!!!!
He was an hour old here. He was looking at his daddy.
Beth gave this to Ryan as a gift. She had his little footprints put onto a little basketball for Ryan to put in his office. Ryan loved it.

One of our first glimpses of him.
What an amazing picture. He looked at Ryan the whole time we were standing there. It was like Cade had known him already.

Cade Matthew came today at 1:52 p.m. He was 8lbs 14.3 oz and 21 inches long. He is on his way of following in his daddy's footsteps of being a basketball star. His fingers and feet are so long already. He is the most content baby I have ever seen. He just laid in his little crib in the nursery and watched everyone as they looked at him. He is gorgeous. I can't wait until next month so we all can see who he will start to look like. Beth did an amazing job today. Ryan now has two loves of his life. It was so touching to hear him talk about Cade and Beth. What a wonderful new little family. I will post more pictures when I get them.

Baby Cade Will We Meet You Today??????

Just to let you all know, I got a phone call from Beth's mother this morning. Beth went in this morning around 1:00 a.m. She is currently dialated to a 5. They just gave her an epideral and they think that might slow her down a little!!!! So.....................we might just have a little Cade today or tonight!!!! I will keep you all posted. Send your good thoughts & prayers her and her families way today!!


Baby Cade Update

Just to let you all know that Beth is going into the hospital Wednesday evening to be induced. Beth's family and friends are all so excited to be able to finally meet Cade. More updates to come!!! I also will post a million pictures!!!!!!!!!


Evan and Thomas the Train

On Saturday Ryan & I went up to St. Louis Children's Hospital to see Evan. Evan is three and has had several operations since he was born to help his little heart. He is back in the hospital for some tests and will soon be on the list for a heart transplant. He was in great spirits when I saw him. He loves Thomas the Train. I brought him some new trains and a big carrying case for all of them to "live in". Evan is such a character. He has a wonderful mommy and daddy that have done everything in this world to make sure that he continues to get better. He has so many people in his life that love him and are praying for him. Please think of him in your own prayers.

Looking at the new train case

I think he likes it!

He is a character. I say over and over again that he is the most handsome man in the whole hospital. I think he knows it!

This is when he was telling me that the smoke from the smoke stack was flying up over the curtains. He has a great imagination. By the way Thomas loves to eat french fries. We'll thats what Evan told me.

Evan told me that Thomas was telling him a secret.

Look at his gorgeous smile.

It's amazing what a wonderful spirit a three year old has. Seeing him makes you evaluate your own spirit and make you question what's really important in life. I love you Evan. You are in our prayers.


GO HERRIN TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday night we tailgated before the big Herrin vs. Marion game. Courtney's husband is a coach for Marion and Ryan loves to give him a hard time when this game rolls around every year. Of course Marion beat Herrin. Hey they do have a good team. I will give them credit. My friends think it's hilarious that in Herrin we tailgate for high school games. We have a blast doing it!
The Newlyweds

Ryan was the cook. He is really enjoying the hambuger isn't he?

Sophia gearing up for the big game

She is such a doll!

This is Merritt, Sophia's big brother

It got quite cold but Doritos made it worth it for him!Toby(Sophia & Merritt's Mommy), Miranda, Me, & Falan


No real children in the near future. But until then we have our furbabies. Tinley (orange) and Little Kitty (grey). It's amazing how people can get so attached to their pets. On our honeymoon we couldn't stop wondering what they were doing without us. Sleeping I'm sure. We missed them like crazy!! We can't imagine what it's like to have real children. Hopefully they too will sleep just as much as the cats!

Ryan and "the boys" watching Sunday night football
Tinley sleeping in on a Monday morning
Little Kitty planning their next scheme
Oh it's so hard napping all day.


Are you coming today Baby Cade?

This is my beautiful girlfriend Beth. She was one of my bridesmaids and was such a huge help in all the planning of my bachlorette party and shower. Even at my wedding when she was 2 weeks to her due date she was in high spirits. Today is suppose to be the day that we have all be waiting for. Cade Matthew Brook's big arrival. We will see if he decides to show up. I will keep you all posted. It's so exciting to anticipate when he will be here!

He is almost here!

A long way to go! The amazing sonogram picture with Cade smiling! His sweet nursery all ready waiting for him.



We went to Cabo San Lucas for our honeymoon. We started off the trip with a bang by missing our flight. But we didn' t let that ruin our trip. Delirium set in after our 8 hour layover in Dallas and we made the best of it! We had a blast despite a few disasters. We had a great time and got to relax. In the words of Dorothy, "There's no place like home". We are so happy to be home and back to real life again.

On the Wine and Jazz Sunset Cruise we took

The beautiful sunset right before Ryan and I started to get sea sick!

Dinner at the resort


October 6, 2006 Our Big Day

The wreaths that hung on the door of the church

October 6th came and went faster than I expected. Our day was filled with family and friends wishing us a wonderful start to a brand new life together. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect ceremony. My bridesmaids expected me to breakdown and cry throughout the ceremony but to everyone's surprise I couldn't wipe that smile off my face for even a second. I was the happiest bride ever!

The wedding was held at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Herrin. It was at 7:00 p.m. The church was filled to the brim, the lights were low, and the string quartet sounded amazing. As I was waiting outside awaiting my entrance I could hear the music for my bridesmaids playing. I had picked a song for them that was special for the eight of us. The night before at the rehearsal the song sounded horrible. But during the ceremony it was perfect. It brought tears to my eyes. When the doors opened for me and I saw Ryan I couldn't help but smile the biggest smile. I was so happy.
As soon as I get my professional proofs I will post those. Thanks to everyone who has sent me these pictures.
My Big Entrance

There's that smile!

Good shot of my dress
We are now Ryan and Melissa Farley!The groomsmen did an awesome job with the truck. They even tied little golf balls onto the back of the truck to drag behind. I hated to wash all of it off.

Getting Ready!!!!!!!!


I headed over to Ryan's parents house around 8 in the morning on our wedding day. My bridesmaids and I got ready over there while Ryan and the boys got dressed at our house. My hairdresser came to the house and did our hair and then the photographer came and took pictures of us while we got ready. It was a stress free morning. I had a blast with my 7 best friends. Then the guys came at noon and Ryan and I saw eachother for the first time. It was amazing! He looked so gorgeous. We then took professional pictures at his parents house, the golf course and then the church. It was a great day that lead up to our big night!

Courtney and I in our rollers

Putting my make-up on

Touching up my hair

One of my favorite pictures. Beth our soon to be mommy.

My sisters finishing up there attire

Ryan and the guys starting to arrive.

All the guys were starved. Ryan's mom cooked up some of Ryan's favorite soup.

Ryan waiting at the head of the stairs for my big arrival.

Walking down....................

Our first kiss of the day. It was a great moment.

Some fun cadid shots of the bridal party. Can't wait to get the professional pictures.