A Great Night to Celebrate Evan!!!!

My parent's & brother, Ryan's parents, Ryan & I all attended Evan's benefit tonight. It was a lot of fun. Although it did show us how we know more about food than our U.S. presidents. Trivia is not our strong point!!! So many people came and Natalie and Sean were so happy with the turnout. We love you Evan. We know that this year will be the best yet for you and your family! Our prayers are that you will get that new heart very soon!


Evan's Benefit

On Saturday there will be Triva Night & Silent Auction benefit for Evan. Someone that Natalie works with is organizing it for the family. For all of you who don't know Evan's story here is a little background.
Evan has been placed on the heart transplant list. He was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a rare condition in which one of the pumping chambers of the
heart is too small to work effectively. Evan has had many surgeries and spent numerous days in the hospital with his parents by his side. Unfortunately insurance leaves a portion of care unpaid so that is why they are having the benefit.
It is going to be held at the Union Operators Engineer Local 318 building in Marion beginning at 6:00 PM. If anyone is interested in joining Ryan & I give me a call. So far there has been an amazing turnout!


Go Bears!!

Cade, Beth, & Courtney came over tonight. Cade as always was the star of our show. He was cheering on his favorite team with his Bears hat, sleeper, and paci. I wish I could have posted all the pictures. But due to storage space I can't!


I love Picasa 2!!!!!!!

Natalie, Evan's mom, showed me this photo editor download that is totally free!! It is called Picasa 2. It does so many amazing things to your pictures! Just go to Google and search for it. It's an easy program to use and downloads all of your saved pictures automatically to the program. It's a lot of fun. Here are two that I played around with last night.




An Observation...............................

All of our family and friends know, that Ryan falls asleep everywhere. At parties, get togethers, movie theaters, broadway shows, doctors offices.... I could go on. Over the holidays I think I saw where he might get it from.

At Jason & Jenna's while we were playing Trivial Pursuit. He was my team member. We lost. Of course.

His father at Christmas Eve, before dinner! So there is no excuse!

His father Christmas night, while we were all opening gifts. Did I mention while we were opening gifts??????? Hilarious!


I know it's pretty ridiculous, but we took pictures of us during the flu. Wow, married life. Each moment so exciting so you have to capture even the worst moments. Even worse, post them for all to see.

Doesn't look very sick to me. Although, he said he was. My opinion, it was his chance to watch football non-stop and lay on the couch.

I on the other hand was certifiably sick. See, no make up!! That is very sick.

Happy New Year!!

Every year for new years, Ryan and I go to Evansville, IN to visit with some of Ryan's U of I friends. Jason & Jenna, who are married, Joe, Tim, & Ryan are all engineers. So I am usually left to listen to their jargin and nod my head like I'm listening but really drowning in my own scientific stupidity. Our plan was a great weekend full of fun but do to the flu making a surprise appearance, Ryan and I had to leave early the next morning. So we didn't get any great pictures. Here are just a few. Jenna and I
Us, 24 hrs before the flu
The guys playing video games, what else would they be doing?


Christmas Time

We'll Christmas came and went in a hurry. Here are some pictures from the holidays. Seems like forever ago!
My mom and I. We matched and didn't even plan it!
My Parents! The last Christmas in their home. They are moving in 9 days!!
Brother Nick and my mom
Grandma Phyllis & Grandpa AlCousin Malorie & Cousin BrylanDave, Angela, Kyle, Ryan and ITinley in his Christmas present