Best dressed...Worst behaved...

Lauren went to her first swim class today. Like the title says, she was the best dressed 6 month old there but her attitude was similar to a cat taking a swim lesson. I had these ideas of grandeur how she would take to the water like a fish, learn some baby swimming techniques, and make lots of friends! The class is packed and there are 2 other little girls around her age. They acted like swimming was second nature and Wren acted like I said, a cat in a swimming pool. This is only lesson 1. We have 4 more to go. I am hopeful that my little bird will learn to become comfortable in the water. If not, at least she got to get good use out of this super cute swimsuit...


Sunshine girls.........

Wren and I thought we would bring a little Spring to our evening with our yellow cardigans. Hope you all had a wonderful Friday night. We did!

What makes me happy........

This squinty little smile is a hint of me.

Those chubby checks are the most kissable thing my lips have ever touched.
This beautiful face looks like the man I married.

She loves her daddy so much she can't get enough of him.
She and I both have hair that sticks out all over the place.She loves her Grandpa almost as much as I do.She and I both have a few "wrinkles" around our mid-section and thighs.


3/13/2011 6 months!!!!

I can't believe it. Wren is a half a year old!!!
You are wearing size 2 diapers and size 3 at bedtime.
You are eating solid foods at lunch and dinner. You hate bananas!
You started drinking from a sippy cup this month.
You have the rolling over back to front mastered.
You sleep with your paci and taggy burpcloth for naps and you like to sleep on your side.
You are wearing size 9-12 month clothes.
You are 18.5 lbs and 28 inches long!
We are having a very rough time at night. You are waking up several times for your paci and still to eat at 3:30. I have tried the CIO method. Let's just say you will wait me out any night or day. I am sleep deprived to the point of delirium most days!
You are starting to take longer naps during the day, 1.5 hrs.

I loved this pose!

I love those bird lips!!


What a beautiful day..........

What an amazing day it is today!! We had our first blanket on the ground lounging kind of afternoon. We first took a walk and then enjoyed the weather on a blanket in the front yard. Luckily family was over at Grandma Phyllis's, so they came over to visit with us. I wish Lauren wouldn't have tired out so quickly. I could have stay outside for hours.

Wren and Nanny

Sunglasses Girls
Love the lighting
Wren and Aunt Lisa
Wren and her lovie Lucy


Best Baby Item!

Chicco 360 Degree Rotating Hook On Chair

I want to tell everyone about the highchair that we have. I opted out of the large free standing chair because we do not have a dinning room that has a place to store one. When I saw this online, I thought it would be perfect for us. We eat mostly at our breakfast bar and this chair fits right in between us perfectly. Instead of having to use restaurant high chairs that she is still a little to small for, we can easily fold this one up and take it with us. We have yet to find an eatery where it doesn't fit nicely on the end of the table. It's also great to take to our family get togethers. She is always in the same chair and she feels comfortable in it. Another great feature is that it has the 360 rotating seat. This is great for when one of us wants to eat so we swivel her 90 degrees so the other one can feed her. She also likes to people watch so I can turn it so she can take in the view. The only feature that I dislike and other reviewers agree, is that it is a little troublesome to clean. I scrubbed it last night with some spray on cleaner and a brush but it took Ryan a couple of minutes to figure out how to take it completely off the base to do so. But other than that, I would say this is one of the best baby items we have right now! So if you are in the market to buy a chair, look one up. I would strongly suggest NOT buying the 2 other options Chicco has out. They are the older models and didn't get the rave reviews that this one did. I got mine at Babies R Us but I see that you can order it on Amazon as well. Oh, and I didn't get paid to say any of that! Just wanted to share how much I love this chair!!!


Random Post....

Nothing too exciting going on in the Farley home. Work is nuts, weather is starting to remind us that there is life after Winter, and Lauren is gearing up for bikini season. She is starting to sit up a little on her own. Flipping back and forth from her stomach and back, which makes changing her diaper a little like wrestling a monkey. Other than that, we are just enjoying her day after day.

Her yellow polka dot bikini
I made her some baby legs from trouser socks found at Target. Online they are $12. I made them for $2.99.
Sitting up without help. Well, for about 10 seconds.

The look a likes
Getting ready for her first jewelry party, wearing her pearls.