I'm at it again!!!

I saw these "Black Apple" Dolls (originally from Etsy) online last night on one of my favorite craft blogs and I figured that they couldn't be that hard. Painting the face was my least favorite. You have all seen my painting talents from last fall's painting class. My most favorite was sewing her bow on and naming her. Everyone that does these comments on how much fun it is to name them because after you've spent 8 hours making them (8 hours for me, 2 hours for everyone else) they do take on a life of their own. So everyone meet Isabelle. Isabelle, my blog family. This as always is just my test dummy. I hope to make several more with different hairstyles, clothes, and fancy accessories. I am finally wraping up my craft weekend. It was fun and relaxing. But boy do I have a mess to clean up!


Big SITC News!!!

Straight from Perez's mouth! I am sooo excited for this sequel. I WILL be there at midnight for the opening night!

It really only makes sense, you know, if the ladies of SATC are, well, having sex in the city, that there might be babies!
The man behind "Big," Chris Noth, wouldn't reveal any baby plans, but teased about the film sequel, "[Producers] are probably thinking about that, but I don't know."
Potential on-screen mother, Sarah Jessica Parker, was tight-lipped on Carrie Bradshaw's uterus as well, saying. "In a million years I'm not going to give you an indication. I want someone to show up that first weekend."

I'm So There!! Who's coming with me?

I just found this on Mo Willems's website. They are having a Pigeon Party! I love love love this author for so many reasons. Girl's you'll have to loan me your kids for the day. I'm not going by myself, people will think I'm there to steal kids or something werido like that. Then again, perhaps it is a little strange that a 28 yr old woman (with no kids) loves this Pigeon as much as I do.

It will tour USA and Canada during 2009 and 2010.
Check back for updates and tour schedule.

Here is info about the tour!

Mo Willem's Pigeon is back and ready to party! Squeezing all the fun of the first three Pigeon books into one raucous production, this lively show for children 3 and up is full of fun, feathers, laughter and excitement and features original music and lots of audience participation. Can you stop Pigeon driving the bus? Will he share the hot-dog? And after all that it’s time for bed, the Bus Driver wants Pigeon to go to bed, all his friends want him to go to bed, but the question is will you let him stay up late???

There is someone else who loves this Pigeon as much I do. Although he won't be able to come with me I know he's probably already seen this and much funnier shows in heaven.

A Crafty Weekend........

The creative bug bit me this weekend. It started off Thursday night baking Chocolate chocolate chip cookies. I intended on sending them all with Ryan Friday morning for his office. The cookies instead were sent to my thighs and stomach. I need to forget how to bake. I then started making some new baby gifts for a couple of friends of mine. I made two sets of burp cloths, in my most favorite fabric and a onsie to complete each set. I then made a couple of onsies with some cute animal appliques. I finished off the weekend with a new necklace and bracelet with some great springy green beads. I plan to rest tomorrow. Yeah right! Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend!!!
What did I ever do without this machine!
The finished product

2 super cute onsies! These are my test dummies. I'm still working out some kinks!

A set of 3 burp cloths and a cute little onsie that matches!

My apple green 4 strand necklace and matching bracelet.


The Devil in Red....

As you know I have given up soda totally. I have ditched Diet Coke forever but now this evil creature has moved into my life in the past month. This showed up on my counter today and begged for me to drink it. I won't tell you how many of his buddies also showed up today. I'm ashamed. AHHHH..... I have to get back onto the straight and narrow tomorrow.

Have you been in search of a REAL ALPACA WEASEL FUR coat??

We'll if you have, I have found this one for you. It is being sold on Ebay for the low price of $17,000.00. Serious as a heart attack. Please tell me what animal you would skin in order to produce an Alpaca weasel fur coat? In a $17,000 dollar coat I'd have a smile 10 miles wide on my face and I'd been skipping. This lady looks like her pet just died. Perhaps it was her Alpaca Weasel they skinned?


Vacation Pictures

Click on the picture of Ry and I on the left hand side to view our vacation photos! I have more to post. I'll post more tomorrow! Goodnight.


Home from our 7 days in paradise!

We came home from our vacation last night at 2 a.m. I am loading our pictures and trying to decide which ones to post. Let me just tell you that this vacation was the most amazing vacation I have ever been on! I'm soooo happy we decided last minute to go. Pictures will come soon!

Happy Birthday Sista!

My sister's and I at Sami's 22nd birthday party!


Vacation... A word I thought I would never hear!

The Farleys are jetting off on a well needed vacation to the Cayman Islands and some other stops! Katie and Bronson, from the Parrish Family Blog, are coming too! Thank you to my husband for agreeing to this crazy last minute getaway. I just thought I would share with you a picture of Ryan and I in our vacation swimwear. Ha!!