Some tips from the reject........

On Sunday, I decided to cook a fabulous dinner for my husband for Valentines day. I started cooking at noon and didn't sit down until 5. So with all that time in the kitchen, you would think that the dinner was a four star meal. Think again....

Here are some tips that I learned on Sunday.

Mashed Potatoes: NEVER EVER let your potatoes cool before mashing them. I had to make my buttercream twice because I failed miserably the first time. My Kitchen Aid was tied up so the potatoes sat in the pot (drained of course) for over 45 mins. I went ahead and started the mashed process adding the milk and butter. All of a sudden I noticed that the consistency turned quickly to glue. I researched it and found that the gluten relaxes turning the potatoes into a sticky bubble gum consistency. I could have literally wallpapered my house with the gunk.

Buttercream Frosting: I made a lemon curd filled, lemon cake, with lemon buttercream. I wanted to add some raspberry preserves to the frosting to add color and a little sweetness to the tart cake. Tip NEVER EVER add preserves/jam to your frosting until the very end. I added it at the beginning and the frosting turned hard and un-mixable! I threw it out and started over. I added it once the frosting was light and fluffy. (2 tablespoons will suffice for 4 cups of powdered sugar)

Halving your 8 inch cakes: This cake was 4 layers. I had to halve my cakes with my handy wire cake slicer thingy. Make sure you remove your "halves" with a large pancake spatula and not your hands! I completely turned the 4 halves into 100 pieces of crumbled mess. After working on this damn cake for four hours, you bet your but that I pieced the thing together and served it like nothing was wrong! Surprisingly, it cut really well once placed in the fridge.

The top layer...Ridiculous.


3 weeks ago..

So here is another bi-weekly stomach post. I started taking these really early on to remind myself that there is hope after 9 months!!! I remember this day because it was the first time in days I spent more than 2 mins on getting myself ready for the day. This was also the week I fell down the two freaking CARPETED stairs I have in my house! I fell and landed on my right foot. It is still really sore. I broke my pinky toe and the one beside it. Last week I fell at my mom's house. Ryan has always called me Grace. I have been really living up to it this past month.

This week the morning sickness is starting to transition from 24/7 to just at night. I usually go to bed by 7:30 because I'd rather sleep it off!

I look like a 7 week pregnant tranny. The hair could
easily pass for a Miss America contest. I've noticed the more weight I gain, the larger my hair gets and the heavier my make up gets. Look out Dolly,
I'll give you a run for your money in 7 months.


My husband

I have to take a moment to commend my husband on being, "The best man to have around when you are pregnant". When I have asked for things (food, it's always food), he has ran out and purchased them. When I have complained for the 92nd time in the same day, that I feel like death, he has comforted me. When I had nervous breakdowns over, well let's keep those nameless, he has tolerated me.

We spent Friday night and Saturday in St. Louis. Before we left I asked him if we could exchange cards on the trip since our gifts were going to be bought while up there. He gave me my card in a homemade envelope made from a file folder. Inside was this.......

I am ashamed to say I bought a crappy Hallmark card, one with a generic saying. This was by far, the coolest card I had ever received. I am amazed at how Ryan becomes sweeter and sweeter as the years go by.

I thought this was hilarious (mainly because of the pictures he chose) and endearing. I can only imagine the time it took him to make this. I loved it. It was a perfect start to our awesome trip to St. Louis.


It's a Boy!!!!!!!!

Did I fool you? I'm 2 1/2 months today, so..... no, we don't know what it is yet. Although Ryan begs to differ. Katie came over and did the pencil test. This was a test that my girlfriend Tobey did on Katie very early on and it was right. It was a boy! But seriously, there is a 50/50 chance! So we did the test and time after time it turned out to be a boy. Ryan was ecstatic and continues to tell people that "we are having a boy". My husband, a University of Illinois graduate, from the College of Engineering, who is a man of science (I'm told frequently), believes that a pencil can detect the fate of our first born. I asked him to explain to me the "science" behind it. He failed to come up with a decent hypothesis. So...for now, I will appease him and allow him to revile in the glory for another 10 weeks until we find out that it's really a girl! : )

After Katie did it, Ryan of course had to try it. Once again, it was a boy.

Ryan was anxiously awaiting the results


Let's revisit January 9th for starters.......

Alright, let me explain to you all why I have been MIA lately........

This was me 5 weeks ago.....
By now I think all of our family knows about our little secret. We found out on January 9th that we are expecting our first on September 10th!
The picture is a wonderful memory of what it feels like to feel GOOD. For the past 5 weeks, I have been sick, sick, and sick. I haven't cooked, cleaned, or got off the couch on the weekend since this picture was taken! Well, that's how I feel anyway. So there's my excuse as to why I haven't posted!! Do any of you have any idea's as to how I can kick or curb my 24 hour a day sickness? I did try Zofran. It worked amazingly well the first day I took it. After that, the damn morning sickness invited itself back! I'm still taking it with hopes that some magic happens!!

I have many more posts to come! I have been snapping pictures throughout the past month. We also have videos of our families when we told them that I am going to post!! Stay tuned. Please let me know if you have any pointers for my nausea. Thanks for sticking with me through my hiatus!!


I'm still here I swear!!

Hello everyone! (if anyone is still coming to this boring site!!) I swear I have an excuse as to why I'm not posting!! I have several really fun posts coming up! Don't give up on me! More to come......SOON!!!