Bath time!

Just a few photos after her bath. I love that little squeaky clean baby!

Go Bears!!!

Let's hope the Bears pull through and beat the Packers this afternoon. It will be a fantastic Super Bowl if they do!!!

She's getting excited about the kickoff!
Lauren and Grandpa watching the first quarter.


A Wren in Jeans.........

When I picked Wren up from her Nanny's today, she had on these ruffled jeans that were just too cute. I leave before she gets up in the morning and my mother is so kind that she comes and sits waiting patiently until the little bird wakes up. So when I see her after work, it's always a surprise what she is wearing that day. I love that little jean wearing bird. Those chubby checks get me every time!!


You know you're a mom when.........

*** DISCLAIMER, if your squimish, don't read on.

Wren is soooo sick. So sick in fact that tonight she couldn't eat because she couldn't breathe. I had used the hospital syringe all day and we weren't getting anywhere. I had looked online
and saw this. NoseFrida, The Snot Sucker. Yeah that's right, the mom has the tube in her child's nose sucking out the snot. Now before you say, "What!! That's disgusting!" There is a filter that catches all the snot before it gets to the "suckers" mouth. Since I live in So. IL there were no local retailers. Since the reviews on this contraption were phenomenal, I knew that I could rig a NoseFrida of my own!

I took some tubing from my breast pump, cut it to a 4 inch piece and literally sucked the snot out of her nose! Not once did I ever encounter snot. So there you go.....You know you're a mom when you can suck out snot of your kid's nose. And you know what? It worked. She's sleeping peacefully right now! Moms, isn't it amazing the lengths we will go to to help our babies?


4 Month Stats.........

(Picture as she was spiting up, which she thought was hilarious!)

Well Wren, it was your four month birthday on 1-13-11. Here are some
little tidbits on how you are growing so far.........

You are 24 inches long and weigh 16.8 lbs
Two weeks ago we entered the four month sleeping regression club. You won't take your 3 hour naps anymore. They are a 30 minute nap to the second. At night you are waking up several times to eat and to fuss at me.
You rolled over on New Years Day!
The crickets you listened to at night and during nap time have left and have been replaced with a heavy rain sound. (I miss the crickets.)
You have found your tongue and like to lick everything you have in your hands, including your hands.
You tried rice cereal for the first and last time. You ate off a spoon beautifully but are still constipated from it!
You are starting to realize people you know from strangers, hence the screaming.
You have your first "lovie", who you seem to have an affection to.
We can't decide if you have gotten your first cold or if you are battling sinus allergies. (if it's allergies, it's official. You are 100% your father.)

I included this one because I can see a little resemblance of me in her. You think?


Can you believe it?

I told Wren that I couldn't believe that tomorrow was going to be her four month "birthday".

She and Sissy couldn't believe it either. Look at those little bird lips! They are just too much for me! Too much! Seriously, four months! I can't believe it!


Christmas Morning

I thought I would post a quick little video of Wren on Christmas morning. Enjoy!


Wren and Sissy.......

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone!
Now onto our newest family addition, Sissy. (Ryan is the one who named her.) Sissy is a Taggie Baby that Wren got for Christmas. She is just the right size for our little bird. Most of the time she holds her close and likes to try to eat her face. I see this being her first "lovie". It's so sweet to see her holding her!

Sissy and Wren at the changing table
Sissy enjoying her first Bears game.