Travis & Heather's Wedding

On Saturday we all went to Travis & Heather's wedding. We had a lot of fun getting together and took way too many pictures to post. Not that I would anyways. As the night progressed the pictures became less complementary!

Nate & Tobey

Me & my oldest friend Todd.
Ryan is pointing at a empty cellaphane bag. He refers to it as a Cub's trophy case. "See, it's empty", he would say.


A Touch of Spring

Tonight I felt like the weather was at it's all time low. It's COLD. Last Saturday I was outside with my camera and took some pictures of this danty little Easter lily. Thought we could all use a little spring. Enjoy

A Little Angel

Just wanted to post this amazing picture of Evan. He is so beautiful. His parents are just waiting for that beeper to go off any day now to say that the heart is ready for Evan. We hope that it's soon. Keep him and his family in your prayers.