Baby Vance is Here!!!!!!

More pictures to come.................

Baby Vance is coming today. We hope........

Falan went in this morning to be induced. I will post pictures as soon as I get them!!!!


Baby Vance

Falan is due on May 5th. We all think that baby Vance is coming much sooner. Stayed tuned for the updates.

Sunday Afternoon

Today we all got together to cookout and enjoy the beautiful day. We had a blast just watching the kids play. Summer seems to be right around the corner!!!!!

Ms. Sophia in her Summer gear.

Look at those blue eyes

Sophia and Preston eating chips and just enjoying the view


Good Friends Playing the match game. Look at the glasses!
The boys

Preston and Sophia swinging in the swing


Jessie's Last Prom

Saturday night was Jessie's last prom. So that means no more proms for me to do hair ratting and eyeliner application. Very sad but I'm happy that two sisters are ready to go out into the world and hopefully will take these two tools that I have given to them and be successful in doing these things on their own now. ; ) She looked like pink tafita Barbie in her hot pink dress. She was beautiful. Sami and I were so proud. The token picture in front of the hearth.
Jess and one of her best friends
Look at those dresses!!!!
Had to add these two last ones she took. She looks so cute.

New Home

Here are a few pictures of the exterior of our new house. More to come once we move in.

Laying Concrete

Ryan laid some concrete to make an extra space in our driveway. We didn't want to sign our names to it since we are moving soon. So Ryan found another way to leave our mark.

Disclaimer: No little kittys were harmed during this act. Paws were wiped clean before he could injest concrete.

Evan and Pink Cupcakes

Last night Evan and I had a party. We ate hotdogs, popcorn, popsicles, and pink cupcakes. He and I took on the task of baking. You might think that a three year old making cupcakes might be a feat but truly, me in the kitchen is a feat as it is. He was leading me at times. He dumped all the ingredients in and I mixed. They actually turned out pretty good. He decorated all 12 of them with ALOT of sprinkes. Then I said we had to clean up and wash the dishes. I think he had more fun doing that. His job was to rinse off every bubble off the dish. He gets an A+ for cleanliness. We had a blast. I love this child!!!!!!!

Sneaking a taste of frosting

Look at those blue eyes

TA DA!!!!!! What a beautiful cupcake.

Blowing bubbles

Poor kid, child labor


Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter everyone. Hope this Sunday finds you happy, healthy, and full of good food.

Just wanted to let you all know that Ryan and I recently bought a new home. We are in the middle of remodeling our current house to get ready to sell it and moving things around to make everything look more aesthetically pleasing for prospective buyers. In doing so, we have taken out our home office. I wont be posting for awhile. But as soon as we get everything back up and running I will post new pictures of our new house! Talk to you all soon. Happy Spring everyone. -Melissa