Sound of Music | Central Station Antwerp (Belgium)

I know we have all seen the Flash Mob's in Grand Central Station in NY. Check this one out that takes place in Belgium. It's so super cute. These damn things always make me cry! Another one from my Aunt Barb! Thanks : )


Copy Cat

This morning at work Shadow, the boy kitty, was missing. We looked everywhere. Our office manager went to the copy machine to fix an error and she found this. Outside they were shoveling the snow and the loud noise freaked him out. This is his "special place" when there are loud noises, the bug man comes to spray, or when there are strangers in the building. How hilarious is that?


Four years ago today...........

In front of the Rockefeller Tree on January 3rd

Four years ago today we were on a plane to New York and Ryan asked me to marry him. I wish I could have gotten a picture of when it happened. I would have loved to have seen my expression! What a wonderful surprise! I love you Ry!!