My company sent us to Vegas to launch our new drug this week. The pictures below are of my partners that make up KY and So. IL region. When we weren't in meetings from 8-6 our company treated us to several awesome activites. One of them being a huge surprise!! They put all 2500 of us on buses and then sent us to see Elton John at Cesar's Palace. It was amazing!! Sendi and I ended up sitting in the second row!!!!
My mom has been talking non-stop about "O" at the Belagio. The last time her and my dad went they saw it and she was a huge fan from there on out. They are leaving in April to go and see it again. Needless to say I had to see it. Kevin and I went to see it on Sunday night. And it was breathtaking. I can't put into words how amazing it was!!!!
It was a long trip but well worth the amazing shows and great company!!!!!

The Paris at night. Shelly this picture is for you!!!!
This is Sendi, my partner. This is her after we walked 7 miles in flipflops up and down the strip looking for a meal at the prime eating time of 8:00 p.m. We didn't want to wait the 2 hours at every resturant we went to. We ended up eating at a SKANKY food court. Noble Romans pizza in Vegas? It was ridiculous! She was delirious by this point.
This is the fine trio of the So. Il territory. Sendi, Me, & Corey
This would be Kevin practicing his male cheerleader moves with Sendi. We were working really hard at this point of the day.
This is the KY and So. Il territory along with our manager who is standing next to me in the white top.

This would be the "real" us. To the point of strangling eachother by the end of those 9 hour meetings.

This is me and my best pal Kevin. Kevin is the funniest man I know in this whole world. Together we are major trouble!!! Reminds me of those days in elementary school when I used to get kicked out of class for talking and laughing too much. We laughed so hard this week that my ribs are bruised. I swear!!

Me & Sendi. My trusty roomate and partner. We laughed until we cried this week. Sometimes you forget how much fun it is to laugh until it hurts. I was reminded several times over the course of this week!


Mondays!!!! UGH.............


The Weekend Gang celebrating Joe's Birthday & St. Patricks Day

Like most weekends the gang got together and celebrated a birthday and of course St. Patricks Day. On Friday we went to Bennies and then went to Tobey and Nate's to watch the Siu game. On Saturday we went to Kalen and Falan's for a cookout for Joe's birthday. Thanks to Tobey for the green margaritas and green vegetable dip!!!!!!

Sophia & her shades The boys being very good at the dinner table!
Tobey & Sophia
Tobey and Merritt
Ryan and I
Happy Birthday Joe!!! (Joe & Lacey)

Cam, Ryan & Nate

Happy Birthday Dave, Mackenzie, & Makayla

Two weekends ago we celebrated Dave's 50th!!! It was a great night. We even had an unexpected visitor!!! The next day we celebrated Ryan cousins Mackenzie and Makayla's birthdays.

Ryan and Uncle Mike


This is Carol, sweet Carol
This is also Carol, at most birthdays she finds the most outrageous outfits and adds some extra color to the party. She is a riot!!!!
Carol and the Birthday Boy

Dave and the boys helping him unwrap gifts
Angie and Dave

The Ditto Family celebrating two birthdays

Makayla and her beautiful cake Grandma Phyliss made for her