My first 5k

Today I ran my first 5k. It was awesome! I am one that couldn't run around the block. After watching the biggest loser when they all had to run a 1/2 marathon I hopped off the couch and went outside for a run. It was that moment that made me realize that I could actually run. I just had to start small. I enjoyed it so much that I am already signing up for my second one! This event was put on by my work. It was a small but very successful 5k and I'm so proud that I got to be apart of it! Thanks for my wonderful husband that came to cheer me on and ended up reporting all of the runners times. Thank you to my parents who also came and braved the rain to watch their daughter run.
This was me at the finish line. I was so crazy happy.
I know, nice gut hanging out. But I am proud to
say it's a much smaller gut compared to 6 months ago!!
Lindsey and I. She's a phenominal runner.
She finished at 22 mins. She placed first in our age
group and I placed second!!

Herrin Festa Part 3

I forgot to post the pictures of Ryan's class reunion! Here are a few snapshots from the evening. Glad I have the pictures because Ryan wouldn't have remembered it without them. He had a really good time if you catch my drift! Most of the pictures weren't suitable for posting. But you have Facebook I'm sure you can locate them!

Class of 1999
Nellie, Leslie, Ry, and JaimeRy won the hat, Cam won the sunglasses, and
Alex won some Cool Water cologne from the trivia game!
Katie and I
I don't know what was going on here

Much later in the evening. Ryan and Leslie
sweet talked a vendor into free corndogs

Leslie, Ry Jennifer, Robin, Chris, Jason

Tobey and I


It's PS22 Choir Time!

Here are the kids doing Don't Dream It's Over by Crowded House. I love these kids expressions! I think they get it from their choir director. I've seen him directing them and he's very emotional. Love these kids!


Won't Back Down - help repeal Prop 8

Even though the California Supreme Court upheld Prop 8 and same-sex couples can no longer marry, we won't back down. The Farley family supports equality for ALL! Stand strong California!


Herrin Festa Part 2

This morning we went to the Herrin Festa Parade. Court, Katie, Madalyn, Jack and our moms braved the heat and enjoyed watching the kids mostly, enjoy their first parade. I know these girls from when we were first introduced to eachother from our dance studio back in the 3rd grade. It's amazing that our paths have crossed again and we are such good friends!

The meet and greet. Madalyn kept waving and
pointing at Jack. Jack just looked at her, probaby wondering what was on her head.
Jack and his mommy
Madalyn was dancing to the music
The mommies and their sweaty and tired babies

Sneaking a kiss
Our "Stage Moms", Jane, Barb and Melodie. These women have probably watched over 1,000 dance routines combined. God love them!

Herrin Festa Part 1

Last night was the first part of Ryan's class reunion. It was a small gathering of friends prior to the dance taking place tonight. It was a lot of fun seeing friends that we don't get to see very often. The night progressed into walking down to the Festa and enjoying the headliner for the night, Kansas. "Carry on my wayward son" and "Dust in the wind" are a few of their most popular songs if you don't recognize the band. Then it was off to a Herrin drinking spot then home around 2 a.m. The Farleys don't usually stay up past 11 p.m. so we were exhausted this morning!!
Ry and I
Class of 99 with their favorite teacher Mr. WanglerKatie, Kendra, Kent, and MelissaToo many to name! At the Festa as the night was winding downLeslie, Me, Todd, and Katie. Todd my oldest friend, a guy who
I've gotten into a lot of trouble with! Setting fires in
Home Ec., car wrecks, and lots of detensions!
The 3 Farleys

PS22 Chorus "LANDSLIDE" by FLEETWOOD MAC (acoustic version)

Watch this video!!! If you haven't seen these kids before, they are from an inner city school in Staten Island, called PS22. Their music teacher, "Mr. B" has used music to get these kids to express themselves in something positive! It's breathtaking. Enjoy!!!!!!! I will post one of these a week because they are just too fantastic to miss!


Happy Birthday Mom

I would like to wish a Happy Birthday to my mother. A wonderful mom and friend. The two biggest things she has taught me is "If you want something done do it yourself" and do what makes you happy. Boy, I made some pretty ridiculous mistakes in my 28 years but my mom was always there to let me make those decisions on my own without criticism and out stretched her hand when I needed picked back up. Thank you mom. I love you!!!!!


Old Friends..............

I traveled up to Chicago this weekend for business and for a baby shower for one of my closest friends. Michele and I met through our other friend Kelly while at ISU. Michele moved into our townhome making 5 of us at Woodridge 58. She and I would talk until 3 in the morning some nights taking turns being the counselor. I am so grateful for Michele and her friendship. Kelly, Michele, and I were reunited at the shower along with a new member to add to the crew. Kelly introduced me to the beautiful Miss Delaney, who was born 7 weeks ago! When we all first met we lived in the dorms, then a townhome (where some of us gave plasma to pay bills), then were in eachothers weddings, and now babyshowers. I included some past photos of the three of us. Kelly, you look exactly the same. When will you age??It's amazing to see the chapters of my friends lives evolve. Thank you for a lovely weekend. I miss you already!!!!

Michele and I, she has 9 weeks to go!
Mich, Kelly, Delaney, and I
Delaney and I The 3 of us on Michele's wedding day. We all got married in 2006!Woodridge Apartments the year after I left ISU. Yikes.... This was before I was told eyebrows served a purpose.
Oh..... Sorority Days.... Double Yikes! I saved you girls the agony
of the "Barn Dance" pictures. Consider yourselves lucky!

Burp Cloths and Diaper Cakes

I made this too cute diaper cake for my college roomate Michele. She had a beautiful baby shower this weekend in Chicago. She and Andy aren't finding out if Baby Meyer is a boy or girl so I had to go for a unisex theme. So I went with the jungle motif. The burp rags match the colors of Baby Meyer's bedding. FYI, this cake was made with 92 swaddler diapers. There is a great tutorial on you tube if you ever want to try one out yourself.


Southern Illinois and our "Inland Hurricane"


The post above is from Katie's blog. Please visit to see pictures from our disaster. After 5 days in the dark, I now have power. Thank you Ameron!