Old Friends..............

I traveled up to Chicago this weekend for business and for a baby shower for one of my closest friends. Michele and I met through our other friend Kelly while at ISU. Michele moved into our townhome making 5 of us at Woodridge 58. She and I would talk until 3 in the morning some nights taking turns being the counselor. I am so grateful for Michele and her friendship. Kelly, Michele, and I were reunited at the shower along with a new member to add to the crew. Kelly introduced me to the beautiful Miss Delaney, who was born 7 weeks ago! When we all first met we lived in the dorms, then a townhome (where some of us gave plasma to pay bills), then were in eachothers weddings, and now babyshowers. I included some past photos of the three of us. Kelly, you look exactly the same. When will you age??It's amazing to see the chapters of my friends lives evolve. Thank you for a lovely weekend. I miss you already!!!!

Michele and I, she has 9 weeks to go!
Mich, Kelly, Delaney, and I
Delaney and I The 3 of us on Michele's wedding day. We all got married in 2006!Woodridge Apartments the year after I left ISU. Yikes.... This was before I was told eyebrows served a purpose.
Oh..... Sorority Days.... Double Yikes! I saved you girls the agony
of the "Barn Dance" pictures. Consider yourselves lucky!


The Kresl Family said...

How crazy! I think Michele is due only a week or two after I am.

Kelly's baby is adorable!

The Parrish Family said...

GREAT pictures, GREAT green Ralph Lauren sweater, and GREAT white pants :)