Happy Thansgiving Blogger Family..................

Here's something I heard on the radio yesterday. I loved it.

I am thankful for high gas prices because that means I have a car to drive.

I am thankful for the high electricity bill I receive monthly because that means I am warm.

I am thankful for even the clothes that fit a little too tightly because that means I have food to eat.

I know we all have a 1000 + things to be thankful for! From my family to yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


So Long 45 degrees..... Hello 80!

I'm leaving at 11:30 in the morning for Miami for a week. My company is sending some of us there for what is called ITC2. Basically it is just another round of analytical training. I can't complain, a week in Miami in November! I'll post pictures if we are let out of meetings long enough to snap a couple!!!!

SIGA Banquet

Tonight Ry and I attended the Southern Illinois Golf Association banquet at Kokepelli. Ryan recently got voted in to serving on the board of SIGA. I didn't know what to expect from a golf banquet, surprisingly it was a lot of fun. We met a lot of great people and it was amazing to see other people that also share the love of the game as much as Ryan does.
Ryan told me that they voted on "Resort Casual", last year it was black tie and they wanted something more comfortable. This is us trying to pull of "resort casual" (whatever in the heck that is) Once we got there, I realized that Ryan was the only one who heard the dresscode. No one ELSE was in "resort casual"!
The Board Members of SIGA

Ryan talking to someone about golf. Can't you tell,
he's smiling so hard his face hurts.

Ry and Eli after a few too many......


Less than 24 hours.......

I think that this is the most important election of my time. I'm so excited for what possibilites lie ahead for our country. No matter what side your campaigning for get out and VOTE!

This is Jackson sending out a Vote shoutout to all of his fellow babies comrades.