Do you live in Southern Illinois?

Guys, could you imagine not being able to afford food for your children? Or having your child go hungry? Do you live in Southern Illinois? If you do there is an amazing program called the Gum Drop Kids. They are a non for profit organization that started in 2008, that provides backpacks full of child friendly food for at risk children during the weekends. Whether you would like to believe it or not, there are a lot of children that leave school on Friday afternoon that don't get a good meal until Monday morning when they return.

Currently they are doing over 1000 backpacks a week! Right now there are 487 children who aren't receiving backpacks. Here are the schools that are participating right now.
Carterville, Herrin, Murphysboro, Giant City, Johnston City, Marion, Tamms, Elkville, Pinckneyville, Desoto, Christopher, are the schools that are participating. I know several fellow bloggers and readers of my blog that are from all of those towns!
Here is how to help:
Donate Food
Help Pack Backpacks
Or Sponsor a Gum Drop child

Food Items needed are posted below:
How awesome would it be to make this a family activity? You could take your child to the store to pick out the food for their Gum Drop friend! Please visit their website http://www.gumdropkids.org

Girls, I know that we can make a small dent in that 487 backpacks still needed. Will you be one of those that feeds a hungry child in your hometown?

To all my fellow bloggers, if you are willing to help, copy and paste this on your blog so it will be passed on to several more of us. It is unexcusable that a child go hungry anywhere, especially in our hometowns!


You can sew just about anything!

Wren loves anything that has that crinkle sound or has tags. So I decided to make her something with both. I began thinking what I had that I could use for the crinkle material. As I was looking through my pantry I decided that a potato chip bag would be a perfect (and free) option. Surprisingly, it held up beautifully during the sewing process. I was so happy to finally get to use this material. I have had this fabric for 4 years now. I love the Olivia series, so when I saw it I bought it right away, knowing that someday down the line I would use it! So here is the final product! I made it in less than 15 minutes. Talk about re-purposing!

Completely Free Project!

The finished result

A happy little bird and her favorite pig.


Weekend of Random

Ryan left on a little ski vacation, leaving Wren and I to have some girl time this weekend. We had a wonderful time, eating out, shopping, and visiting with our family. She even got to go to our favorite restaurant Thai Taste!! We had a wonderful weekend but we are glad Ryan is home!

Friday night dinner with Nanny and Grandpa

These two are ridiculous

Big girl in a high chair!

Love this shot

I just had to!


Happy Valentines Day!


Guess who is 5 months?

Little Wren....you are 150 days old today. Let's review the month you have had!
You are starting to sleep a little bit better than you were in the previous month. You go down around 630, wake up at 1230 for your paci, wake up at 220 to eat, and 520 to eat again. I then usually feed you before I go to work and you are up for good around 8.
We started feeding you bananas and rice cereal. You love the bananas.
You have started playing games with us. During your lunch dates with your Grandpa, I'm told you play your "lunch" game. This is where you and Grandpa take turns shrieking at each other back and forth.
You are taking anywhere between 2-5 30 min naps a day.
We have ate a several restaurants this month. You sit in your Chicco travel chair like a big girl.
You are trying to hold your bottle.
You are taking your paci out of your mouth and putting it back in.
You have started taking sink baths.
You are 26 inches long and weight 17 lbs.
You are wearing 6-9 clothing and size 2 diapers.
You hair is still wild and is turning a shade of reddish brown.

Happy 5 month birthday my little bird! I have to say that everyone one was right. Being a mother is the best thing I have ever experienced. It amazes me (I know you mothers can agree) that when I'm so exhausted I still get up with excitement to see your little smiling face all snuggled up in your crib. I can't wait to pick you up and fill you full of love for the day. I love you my sweet little bird. Also, Happy 1st Valentines Day to a girl that has stolen our hearts and smothers us with little open mouthed kisses everyday.


Superbowl Sunday!!

It's a sad day for Wren. Tonight is the last football game for awhile. This morning I made us both Steelers headbands and I made Wren a Steelers onesie. We traveled down the road to our "extended" neighbors house for a party. What is it about Superbowl that makes you want to consume anything and everything in sight! The food was wonderful! Lauren enjoyed watching the game on our friends ginormous tv! Here's to a wonderful end to her first football season.

If you aren't a fan, the picture is of the Steelers coach. Very Obama like. : )
Here's the back. I added the logo and a close up of her matching hairband!
She loves him so much.
Horrible picture, but it shows our matching hair gear. : )



It's Saturday night around 7:30. My plans are to post and to go to bed!! If I can be in bed by 8 pm, I will be so excited! I thought I would share just a few pictures of what's been going on lately around our household.

Lots of kisses
Venturing out to eat without any meltdowns

Sink baths