You can sew just about anything!

Wren loves anything that has that crinkle sound or has tags. So I decided to make her something with both. I began thinking what I had that I could use for the crinkle material. As I was looking through my pantry I decided that a potato chip bag would be a perfect (and free) option. Surprisingly, it held up beautifully during the sewing process. I was so happy to finally get to use this material. I have had this fabric for 4 years now. I love the Olivia series, so when I saw it I bought it right away, knowing that someday down the line I would use it! So here is the final product! I made it in less than 15 minutes. Talk about re-purposing!

Completely Free Project!

The finished result

A happy little bird and her favorite pig.


The Boddies said...

you are so clever, first you suck out snot with breast pump tubes and now you use a chip bag to make a cute little toy! I'm so inspired.

The Farleys said...

Seriously sister...you need to get a hobby. Don't you have anything to do? : ) Soon Jack will give you enough time to do a hobby. My hobby was showering for a while because I rarely got to do it.

Tonya said...

What a cute idea! Griffin loves chip bags! I should totally do this!! Please stop by my Love of Family & Home blog & enter my giveaway!

Jessica said...

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Have a blessed day!! :0)

Beth said...

you are so creative! that is awesome. and love the recent random pics! :)