Superbowl Sunday!!

It's a sad day for Wren. Tonight is the last football game for awhile. This morning I made us both Steelers headbands and I made Wren a Steelers onesie. We traveled down the road to our "extended" neighbors house for a party. What is it about Superbowl that makes you want to consume anything and everything in sight! The food was wonderful! Lauren enjoyed watching the game on our friends ginormous tv! Here's to a wonderful end to her first football season.

If you aren't a fan, the picture is of the Steelers coach. Very Obama like. : )
Here's the back. I added the logo and a close up of her matching hairband!
She loves him so much.
Horrible picture, but it shows our matching hair gear. : )


The Parrish Family said...

Her shirt is too much! And your matching hair bands are adorable!!! :)

The Guthman Family said...

Adorable!! And I LOVE the headbands, so cute!!.. Melinda