Surprise Jason! And Surprise to Everyone Too!!!

We'll we had a crazy night tonight! It was Jason's surprise party. Courtney did an awesome job planning it. He had NO idea. He was so shocked when they drove up and the whole back yard of Courtney's parent's house was full of people! Although Jason was a lot of fun, Cade was the star of the show. He laughed all night, said "DA, DA, DA, DA", and smiled the whole night! My face hurts right now from laughing at him so much. My parents got to see him for the first time. My dad has been bitten by the "BUG". The grandchild bug that is. He took Cade around the party and looked at the lights, the bonfire, and swung on the swing. We couldn't get enough of him. If you would like to know the second surprise, scroll down and find out!


Can you get any cuter? Seriously?

Don't even think about it Poppy!! At least 2 more years!!!

Court and Jason

Beth, Court, and I


Courtney and Jason are having a BABY!!!!!!

They announced to EVERYONE (No one knew except for them!) tonight that Court is 3 months pregnant. April 15th is the date! This picture was taken after we found out and Beth and I cried and screamed our heads off!



In Loving Memory

Granny, who is Ryan's great grandmother passed last night. She was 94 years young and had a wonderful life full of grandchildren, great grandchildren, & great great grandchildren. Last night she was surrounded by an overwhelming number of family. What a wonderful testimony to her of how much she was loved. Granny whose name is Barbara married a handsome man by the name of Mike Marlow. They had Grandma Phyllis and in Mike's forties, he passed away. Granny lived over 50 years without her husband. I'd like to think that right now, he is showing granny around heaven with her mother and father in tow. I bet she is having a wonderful time. She passed on the last day of the summer. The changing of the seasons and the ever changing circle of life continues. We will see you again Granny. We love you.


Evan's Video

I was shocked that blogger uploaded this video since it is so long. (4 mins) This is the video that I made for Evan's concert. I thought since most of you have only seen him on the COTA site it would be nice to see him healty, playing, smiling. There is music so turn up the speakers. Enjoy!

Fight Club

Tonight we were at Grandma Phyllis's and Grandpa Al's. When Ryan walks in the boys say, "Hey Ryan, wanna play fight?" Ryan does this for about 10 mins and then he passes out and then he does it all over again. He's a pretty good cousin. Sorry that you have to tilt your head to the right to watch! Listen half way through the show for Ryan's mom to make a speaking appearance!


A Letter to Starbucks!

Gaye Youngman gets the "YOU GO GIRL" Award! Gaye saw my Starbucks post and wrote them personally! Below is her letter. They also responded back to her. Thanks Gaye for being so pro-active and letting your voice be HEARD!
Gaye is the mother of Beth and the grandma of the most handsome Cade Matthew!

From: Gaye Youngman
Sent: Sep 17 2007 2:51PM
To: Customer Relations Subject:

I was quite disappointed to see your comment on your cups that God could be a figment of our imaginations. Evidently you have no trouble accepting the money that bears the words, In God We Trust. The coffee at Panera tastes much better to me and my friends these days!

Dear Gaye,

Thanks for taking the time to write and express your concerns about the recent "Way I See It" quote from Bill Scheel.

Our goal with "The Way I See It" is to promote a free and open exchange of ideas and thoughts on a wide variety of topics. We think this tradition of dialogue and discussion is an important facet of the coffeehouse experience. In fact, the conversation around Quote #247 is sparking dialogue, which is the original intent of the program.

Here are some of those cups that have appeared in the past that take a different point of view from Mr. Scheel:

The Way I See It #92
You are not an accident. Your parents may not have planned you, but God did. He wanted you alive and created you for a purpose. Focusing on yourself will never reveal your purpose. You were made by God and for God, and until you understand that, life will never make sense. Only in God do we discover our origin, our identity, our meaning, our purpose, our significance, and our destiny.
-- Dr. Rick Warren
Author of The Purpose-Driven Life.

The Way I See It #158
It's tragic that extremists co-opt the notion of God, and that hipsters and artists reject spirituality out of hand. I don't have a fixed idea of God. But I feel that it's us - the messed-up, the half-crazy, the burning, the questing - that need God, a lot more than the goody-two-shoes do.
-- Mike Doughty

A Trip to Patti's

Ryan's golfing buddy Ben, asked if we wanted to go to Patti's with him and Katie on Tuesday. The both of us had never been so we jumped at the chance. For all of you that aren't from So. IL Patti's is in Kentucky near Lake Barkley and Land Between the Lakes. I had always heard how good the food was but it's about a 2 hour drive. So we flew!!! Ben has a plane and was kind enough to ask us to go! I have to admit it was pretty small inside the plane. I got nervous at take off but other than that Ben was an awesome pilot. As for the food at Patti's I have to say it was the best food I have had in years!!!! I am glad it's 2 hours away. If we made a habit of it we would be 400lbs. They like a lot of butter and cream on everything. They are famous for their flower pot bread, strawberry butter, and mile high pies. Here are a few pictures from last night. Thanks Katie and Ben!!

Ryan checking out the wing?

Ben and Ryan
Pulling out of the hanger
Up, Up, and Away!!!
Ryan was so proud of his pork chop he had me take a picture of it. (Take a look at the butter and sour cream on the potato!) Next time we will bring our defibulator just in case!!

Ryan's Mile High Pie in the Swan tin-foil

Group Shot (See the flower pots?

The bread and butter were to die for!!!)

Leaving 20 lbs heavier. I knew that at any moment Ryan would be out for the count!

He was asleep about 5 mins. after take off. He will sleep ANYWHERE!



Today is Evan's 4th Birthday! He has worked so hard for the past 3 months we hope that his party today gives him a little needed rest! I feel a miracle coming soon! Possibly today?????? If you would like, get on his site and wish him a happy birthday too! You can find the link on this page where it is marked "Evans Donation Site".


Thomas the Train

In honor of EVAN's Birthday on Tuesday here is an awesome Thomas video. Super cute and sweetly narrated! We love you Evan!



I was jumping blog to blog tonight and ran across a blog of a friend of a friend of a friend. All you bloggers know how fun it is to look at friends blog links. I found this post and I was a little shocked. Starbucks places reading material on the back of their cups. Here is one that caught my eye. Thank goodness I hate coffee. When the winter comes, I will be going to Panera for hot chocolate now!!! I'm pretty sure U.S. currency still says "In God We Trust" correct?? I would think that Starbucks would see this as "risky business". Your thoughts??

Saturday with the de Mello's

I went up Saturday morning to see Evan. They have changed rooms again and the view from his room is beautiful. It makes the room more cheery and enjoyable. Evan was awake and alert most of our visit. We started decorating his room for his birthday party they are having on Sunday. His actual birthday is on Tuesday. But his family is coming on Sunday to celebrate. Word is that he has an awesome Thomas cake coming. Can't wait to see pictures. The hot balloon race was the same day. I have never been and I promise to go next year. The sight was breathtaking. The pictures don't do it justice at all. Below are a few pictures of the day.

On the Rooftop Garden
Part of the garden. It's breathtaking and remember it's on the 8th floor roof!!
Preparing for the celebration!
The door to his room. Adorned with clippings of the past 3 months.

A little boy gave his most favorite train up to Evan. The church he goes to even prayed on it. The annointed train, they call it. What an amazing sacrifice for a small child to give up.
The view from Evan's roomScenes from the Balloon Races!!!


Hey You Send Me a Card!!!

This little cowboy's 4th birthday is September 18th! We are trying to flood St. Louis Children's Hospital with hundreds of cards for Evan. So have your children draw a picture, heck draw a picture even if you don't have kids, or go out and buy a card and send it to the cowboy.
We are also going to try to set a record on the 18th for the most donations ever in COTA history for one child. Even the smallest of donations ($1.00) go a long way. I can understand how tight money can get sometimes. So if you can just afford the card, a stamp, and some inspirational words that is the same as a HUGE donation in God's eyes. If it comes from the heart, then it's worth it's weight in gold.
Thanks blog viewers!!!!
Evan deMello
St. Louis Children's Hospital
1 Children's Place
CICU, Room 8
St. Louis, MO 63110


Britney On the VMA's

Tomorrow night on the VMA's, Britney is rumored to be the opening act. I read the article that detailed her most recent and only practice run for tomorrow nights show. I confess, I used to be a HUGE Britney fan, pre-K Fed days that is. Seriously, is this what too much money will get you? Is being too rich this stressful? Tomorrow night I'm sure will include some fantastic hair extentions, several pelvic thrusts, a lot of back up dancers, maybe some lip synching. I will give her the props for going out there and doing this. She has to have some guts. So goooooo Britney! Make us proud!


Are You Ready For Some Football??????

Tonight all my husband could say was, "Guess What?" What! I would say. "FOOTBALL IS ON TONIGHT!!!!" I stare at amazment as my husband is glued to the opening entertainment. Football season has begun. My house is filled with "GET THE BALL", TACKLE HIM", "DA BEARS". That means that Fall is right around the corner. I watched the National Anthem being sung tonight. It reminded me of a hilarious skit from SNL with Maya Rudolph. Please watch it. I laugh until I cry everytime I watch it because it is so true about todays singers and their representation of our National Anthem. Enjoy.

What The?????

In California we witnessed a new trend in men's fashion. Men Capris. We saw them everywhere! This stylish lad is wearing jean capris. I hope this trend does not make it's way to Southern Illinois.


Trip to California

Ry and I returned from Malibu last night at 2 a.m. We are tired, sick, and are staring at the tons of sand covered laundry in our den floor. But being the blog addict that I am, I just had to post. We had a great time there seeing the sights, going to the wedding, the girls and I went to a spa, and of course the beach! Following tradition, Ryan got sick on Monday. I proceeded him last night on the plane. I became great friends with the airplane bathroom. (Too Much Info!) Here are a few of the pictures!
P.S. The only thing we know right now is that the wedding is airing on the WE channel in Febuary. I will post when I know more.

Miranda and I on our way to Cali!

The Beach
Miranda, Me, and Tobey even though it was very warm, the water was freezing. Ryan and Nate decided they were going to learn to surf. That plan didn't last long.
Katie, Miranda, Me, and Tobey
This sign was located in our hotel. The sign was in various places. All places were in very low traffic areas. Wonder why? Jeez.........

My birthday was on Saturday. We came back from Breakfast and this gorgeous arangement was in our room!!! Tobey, Miranda, and Nate sent me these for my birthday. The smell of the flowers literally filled the hallway to our room.

Before we left for the amazing Berk Williams Spa in Santa Monica. No make up!!

Yes, that is Tobey riding a bike. We ran into a fellow whom claimed to best friends with Batman, Spiderman, and various other hero's stunt men. This is his bike.
Mrs. Katie in her beautiful attire completed with a huge Tiffany's box heading to the wedding.

The guys in our stretch Hummer

The girls in the Hummer, with no A.C. I might add. 2.5 hr drive to the wedding. We came out looking a little partched

All the groomsman getting ready for photos
The wedding area

I thought this was an artsy photo op

Ryan and Erin walking down the aisle

Cam and Jenna

Post wedding at sunset, really hot and sweaty
Tobey and Nate

Ryan and one of his Best Friends Joe.
The Cake
Our Place CardsTable ScapeKatie, Kristen, and I. The three of us used to dance together at Sherry's School of Dance. We were a trio that performed every HerrinFesta during the Mayor's dinner, talent shows and other fine venues that the Herrinfest has to offer. ; )
The groomsman toasting for the fifth time

Cam and Jenna the Bride and Groom
On the beach after the wedding the waves were HUGE!
The ride home in the limo was hilarious! Here's Nate striking a pose with Tobey's sunglasses
Of course the night wouldn't be complete without Ryan falling asleep. I swear the music was as loud as it would go and the speakers were right behind his head.
Ryan and Nate went deep sea fishing. This is the orange fish he caught. About two hours pre-SICK!!! We went to the Santa Monica Pier the last nigth we were there. Ryan was a trooper even though he felt horrible. We were there at dusk.
On our last day there we went to Hollywood and Beverly Hills