I was jumping blog to blog tonight and ran across a blog of a friend of a friend of a friend. All you bloggers know how fun it is to look at friends blog links. I found this post and I was a little shocked. Starbucks places reading material on the back of their cups. Here is one that caught my eye. Thank goodness I hate coffee. When the winter comes, I will be going to Panera for hot chocolate now!!! I'm pretty sure U.S. currency still says "In God We Trust" correct?? I would think that Starbucks would see this as "risky business". Your thoughts??


fmiles said...

well it was bad enough having that on the back of a coffee cup.. or anything for that matter.. let a lone putting your name after it...!!! how crazy.. He better know who GOD is because I am sure some ppl are most outraged!!

The Dunnings said...

Not my place to judge his opinion, but that is ridiculous!!! Especially about putting his name behind the phrase. He will have to answer someday.