Are You Ready For Some Football??????

Tonight all my husband could say was, "Guess What?" What! I would say. "FOOTBALL IS ON TONIGHT!!!!" I stare at amazment as my husband is glued to the opening entertainment. Football season has begun. My house is filled with "GET THE BALL", TACKLE HIM", "DA BEARS". That means that Fall is right around the corner. I watched the National Anthem being sung tonight. It reminded me of a hilarious skit from SNL with Maya Rudolph. Please watch it. I laugh until I cry everytime I watch it because it is so true about todays singers and their representation of our National Anthem. Enjoy.


Mama Muhs said...

Ah, yes. Football. As you know, it's the same way in the Muhs household these days. It really is starting to become something I dread. Cody had his "draft" this week at the "commissioner's" house. Do they really not see how ridiculous this is?! :) Oh, and I've seen that SNL skit. Hilarious!!!

The Farleys said...

Have you seen the ESPN commercials for the Fantasy Football draft day? The guy is getting married standing at the alter giving his picks to the team?? Hilarious!! I told Ryan he can NEVER make fun of Oprah ever again. Football is Ryan and Cody's Oprah I guess! Have a great weekend!!!!!