Trip to California

Ry and I returned from Malibu last night at 2 a.m. We are tired, sick, and are staring at the tons of sand covered laundry in our den floor. But being the blog addict that I am, I just had to post. We had a great time there seeing the sights, going to the wedding, the girls and I went to a spa, and of course the beach! Following tradition, Ryan got sick on Monday. I proceeded him last night on the plane. I became great friends with the airplane bathroom. (Too Much Info!) Here are a few of the pictures!
P.S. The only thing we know right now is that the wedding is airing on the WE channel in Febuary. I will post when I know more.

Miranda and I on our way to Cali!

The Beach
Miranda, Me, and Tobey even though it was very warm, the water was freezing. Ryan and Nate decided they were going to learn to surf. That plan didn't last long.
Katie, Miranda, Me, and Tobey
This sign was located in our hotel. The sign was in various places. All places were in very low traffic areas. Wonder why? Jeez.........

My birthday was on Saturday. We came back from Breakfast and this gorgeous arangement was in our room!!! Tobey, Miranda, and Nate sent me these for my birthday. The smell of the flowers literally filled the hallway to our room.

Before we left for the amazing Berk Williams Spa in Santa Monica. No make up!!

Yes, that is Tobey riding a bike. We ran into a fellow whom claimed to best friends with Batman, Spiderman, and various other hero's stunt men. This is his bike.
Mrs. Katie in her beautiful attire completed with a huge Tiffany's box heading to the wedding.

The guys in our stretch Hummer

The girls in the Hummer, with no A.C. I might add. 2.5 hr drive to the wedding. We came out looking a little partched

All the groomsman getting ready for photos
The wedding area

I thought this was an artsy photo op

Ryan and Erin walking down the aisle

Cam and Jenna

Post wedding at sunset, really hot and sweaty
Tobey and Nate

Ryan and one of his Best Friends Joe.
The Cake
Our Place CardsTable ScapeKatie, Kristen, and I. The three of us used to dance together at Sherry's School of Dance. We were a trio that performed every HerrinFesta during the Mayor's dinner, talent shows and other fine venues that the Herrinfest has to offer. ; )
The groomsman toasting for the fifth time

Cam and Jenna the Bride and Groom
On the beach after the wedding the waves were HUGE!
The ride home in the limo was hilarious! Here's Nate striking a pose with Tobey's sunglasses
Of course the night wouldn't be complete without Ryan falling asleep. I swear the music was as loud as it would go and the speakers were right behind his head.
Ryan and Nate went deep sea fishing. This is the orange fish he caught. About two hours pre-SICK!!! We went to the Santa Monica Pier the last nigth we were there. Ryan was a trooper even though he felt horrible. We were there at dusk.
On our last day there we went to Hollywood and Beverly Hills


Brooke G said...

Sounds like it was a fun time! Congrats to the happy couple-it has been forever since I have seen Cameron!! I went to Logan with him, as well as Ryan, or as I used to call him "Farley"! Talk to you later!! Brooke