This is why my house is a wreck...........

I have had my sewing gear strewn throughout my dinning area for 2 weeks now. I keep walking by it thinking I will put it up but I find other things to do, like eating. So I sat down for about 2 hours and did these. I think they turned out super cute. They are material on one side and terrycloth on the other. I made both since it's still a month out to finding out what baby Farley is!!

I think I am going to find some tubular bright beads to sew on the cupcake for sprinkles. I really like the way the F turned out. I have finally found out how to use my zigzag option on my sewing machine. Boy does it finish off apliques so much nicer than a straight stitch.

Our announcements.........

Katie, my fantastic photographer friend offered to come and take some pictures for our announcements. We picked a snowy day and traipsed through the snow to our railroad bed behind our house and snapped a few. I chose 2 pictures for the announcement, one was sweet, and the other one was our true selves. She did an amazing job!! I sent these out a while ago but I wanted to make sure that everyone got their announcement before I posted! Here are a few of my favorites.

This one, is our true selves. Always laughing at each other.

This picture was in our other announcement.

I loved the angle of this one.
Enough said.....: )


Are you freaking kidding me??

I started on my cute clutch tonight. I was so proud because I took a ridiculous amount of time measuring over and over again making sure I got each piece exactly right. Then I realized a nice piece of knowledge. When measuring with a typical garment measuring tape, you don't start measuring at the little silver metal piece! I finished all my pieces and then had this epiphany. I threw out all of my pieces of fabric and had to start all over! Let's just blame this one on the "pregnancy brain".

The first of many................

Yesterday I sat down and made a few burp cloths for baby Farley. Since we don't know if it's a he or she, I tried to find a common gender print. I love these whimsical little wonky owls!


Cheap Pillows..........

Have you ever noticed how expensive decorative pillows are? My mom just bought these super cute pillows from Pier 1. Unfortunately, they were $29 a piece which I think is ridiculous. I noticed on their website that they had the place mats to match. I got to thinking and created these super cute pillows out of them!

I took a regular place mat and then a cloth napkin for the back.

Didn't they turn out super cute! Two pillows for $8.00. You can't beat that!

My next project is this cute little clutch. I don't have any fusible fleece on hand so I can't start until tomorrow. I'll post when I am finished!

What makes me happy...........................

If you live anywhere in Williamson County, IL you know of Polar Whip. This fine establishment is known for their cheeseburgers, french fries, and a cherry coke that is "to die for". Being a year and a half into vegetarianism, I hadn't thought about Polar Whip. That was until I became pregnant. This place is all I can think about some days. One day I finally caved. I went in and asked for a cheeseburger with pickle and onion(they are so strong they could kill a donkey) but hold the burger. The person behind the counter thought I was crazy. I couldn't wait to get that greasy sack home that full of my sandwich, fries, and EXTRA large cherry coke.

I have to admit, I was one of those that said, "When I'm pregnant, I am going to eat super healthy, all organic, and no soda!" We'll I have learned that when you are sick (yes, still sick) you eat what you don't think you'll puke up 15 mins later. As far as soda goes I have a Sprite now and then but I give in to those damn Cherry Cokes at Polar Whip every time! Now when I walk in the door (at least once a week) they don't even raise an eyebrow when I order my burgerless burger. Ahhh....the little things that make me happy!


So Proud!!

Check out this amazing press release for my Aunt Pat. The release illustrates the incredible work she has done in the past 40 years in higher education. My Aunt Barb drove her to the airport for her to fly out to attend the ceremony. Sadly, she was so sick with the flu, she decided at the last moment that she was just too sick to fly!! I'm so sad for her that she wasn't there when they awarded her this honor! We are so proud of you!

Student Affairs Association Recognizes Patricia Fabiano of WWU with National Award

Pat Fabiano
Patricia Fabiano

BELLINGHAM – A leading education association has recognized Patricia Fabiano, faculty member at Western Washington University, with its prestigious national Outstanding Contribution to Higher Education Award.

The award, announced at the NASPA annual conference March 9 in Chicago, recognizes those who have rendered outstanding service in programs, policies, or research that has made a national impact, and who has contributed to the broad reach of higher education. Previous honorees included U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy, former NCAA president Myles Brand, U.S. Sen. Claiborne Pell and The Chronicle of Higher Education.

“For more than 40 years, Patricia Fabiano has contributed research, programs and insights that have informed the role of student affairs in higher education today," said NASPA Executive Director Gwendolyn Jordan Dungy. “She has been in the forefront of addressing important issues such as drinking and drug abuse on college campuses, violence prevention, health and wellness education, and student empowerment.”

With over 11,000 members at 1,400 campuses, and representing 29 countries, NASPA is a professional association for student affairs administrators, faculty, and graduate and undergraduate students.

“I am grateful to every student and colleague, who together, made my life’s work in higher education so rich and satisfying,” said Fabiano.

Fabiano is a faculty member in the Student Affairs Administration program at Western’s Woodring College of Education. She has been at WWU for 20 years and served as the Student Affairs director of Prevention and Wellness Services, where she developed a model college health promotion program. While at WWU, Fabiano developed the Lifestyle Advisor Program, a nationally recognized peer health education program, and brought in nearly $4 million in federal and state grants on reducing high-risk alcohol consumption and violence prevention. She has published in the area of social justice and men’s role in the prevention of violence.

“She encourages students to explore the student affairs profession and challenges them to think critically about the current issues facing administrators today,” wrote Tina Wang in her letter nominating Fabiano for the award. Wang, who serves as assistant director for Westside Student Affairs at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Wash., was a student of Fabiano’s at WWU.

In 2005, Fabiano was selected as one of the recipients of the Northwest Regional Women’s Hall of Fame Award.

She previously served as the NASPA national co-chair of the Health in Higher Education Knowledge Community and served as the Region V Board of Directors representative for Women in Student Affairs from 2007-2010. She teaches assessment and research in the Student Affairs Administration Program, as well as courses on collaboration and cultural pluralism. Together with WWU Professor Larry Estrada and Susan Mancuso, program director for Student Affairs Administration at Western, Fabiano developed the new undergraduate minor in Diversity in Higher Education, which is designed for students considering careers and/or graduate school in higher education or in student affairs administration. She also provides consultation and professional development education to the WWU Division of Student Affairs and Academic Support Services’ DART—Division Assessment Resource Team


Attention TWLIGHT FANS!!!

Here is the OFFICIAL trailer to ECLIPSE!! It was just released this morning. Does this make you all want to read Eclipse again? I want to start on it tonight!! June 30th can't get here soon enough!

For all of you that think the Twilight phenomenon is crazy, believe me I was right there with you. I challenge you to read it and NOT get hooked. If you are looking for some spring reading, start with Twilight. Do NOT watch the movies first. Go straight to the books!


Our first glimpse........

This is our first picture!! I have to admit, this really hasn't been real to me. That was until we had our first sonogram. Reality then smacked me in the face! It was indescribable to see the monitor with this little person moving around like crazy and even sticking it's tongue out. We were simply amazed!


Alright already........

Sorry everyone for the blog hiatus. I have been so sick I have taken a break from the internet which means ALOT from me! It seems to be getting better. I have a free moment so I thought I would post some fun pictures. These are from when we told our parents. I promise I will upload the videos as well!

We had to trick my parents and say we were bringing something over for their upcoming vacation. When they opened up the gift they saw the frame. For Ryan's parents we told them we had a gift for their kitchen makeover.

I have always had these ideas of grandeur as to how I would reveal it to our parents. When it came down to it, we ran out of time and I threw this frame together. We video taped it when we told everyone. I'm so glad we did because we will never be able to re-live the moment ever again!

My parent's were shocked! My mom said that after we left they just walked around in circles saying, "Oh my gosh", over and over again.
Ryan's parents were hilarious. Angie of course went crazy and cried. Dave on the other hand was so shocked that he just sat there and shook his head. Note his face in the picture.