Our announcements.........

Katie, my fantastic photographer friend offered to come and take some pictures for our announcements. We picked a snowy day and traipsed through the snow to our railroad bed behind our house and snapped a few. I chose 2 pictures for the announcement, one was sweet, and the other one was our true selves. She did an amazing job!! I sent these out a while ago but I wanted to make sure that everyone got their announcement before I posted! Here are a few of my favorites.

This one, is our true selves. Always laughing at each other.

This picture was in our other announcement.

I loved the angle of this one.
Enough said.....: )


{Louisiana.Bride} said...

Cute! I love the chalkboard silver platter. Did you make that?

Jane said...

So glad you finally put something on your blog about the upcoming arrival. The kid will be 2 before anybody get to see your posts. Just kiddin'! I know you have been sicker than a dog. Love you Mom

Kristin said...

I love, love, love these! They look great and so professional! :) And I love the use of the tray...is that the one you bought and then painted with chalkboard paint??!! I love that idea