Alright already........

Sorry everyone for the blog hiatus. I have been so sick I have taken a break from the internet which means ALOT from me! It seems to be getting better. I have a free moment so I thought I would post some fun pictures. These are from when we told our parents. I promise I will upload the videos as well!

We had to trick my parents and say we were bringing something over for their upcoming vacation. When they opened up the gift they saw the frame. For Ryan's parents we told them we had a gift for their kitchen makeover.

I have always had these ideas of grandeur as to how I would reveal it to our parents. When it came down to it, we ran out of time and I threw this frame together. We video taped it when we told everyone. I'm so glad we did because we will never be able to re-live the moment ever again!

My parent's were shocked! My mom said that after we left they just walked around in circles saying, "Oh my gosh", over and over again.
Ryan's parents were hilarious. Angie of course went crazy and cried. Dave on the other hand was so shocked that he just sat there and shook his head. Note his face in the picture.


The Parrish Family said...

Those pictures of Angie and your mom made me teary. That's so great!