My but is officially kicked!!

Grad school has proven its self. I am left exhausted and swimming in a sea of homework. BUT, I can only be happy because that means that I have been blessed with the opportunity of getting my masters degree. No more complaining. Onto other things.

Wren is in the process of getting her top teeth. This weekend has been a sleepless one for us. She has had temperatures up to 103.8! It has been AWFUL. She was in such pain that she slept in bed with me on Friday night. That has never happened. The girl loves her bed and nothing else. She even let me hold her and love on her which never happens because she's to entirely too busy to sit still. These pictures are from today when she woke up from a nap. She is definetly the highlight of my day when I can't stand to look at another journal article. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!!


My ray of sunshine

Summer mornings are so cheerful with this little chirpy bird! How about those little arm and leg rolls!

This photo is for you Aunt Lisa! We love this sweet little Gap outfit!- We love you!


OFFICIAL Breaking Dawn Trailer On MTV Movie Awards (HD) 05.06.2011

It's out!!! Watching this makes me want to read the book all over again! November 18th, mark those calendars. For those who haven't read the books, give in and do it!!


Weekend with dear friends......

On Saturday we went to the lake to meet up with Wren's godparents, Jason and Jenna. They recently added another boy to their family, 1 month old Issac and big brother Alex tagged along too! It was hot as Africa yesterday. Wren's little checks were red all afternoon from the heat. I made sure she was lathered up in SPF and fed her water and ice all day. She had a blast on the boat, another first for her!

The Deadmonds at the end of the day, two boys fast asleep!

Baby Issac slept the whole day on the lake.
Seriously, where do kids like this come from? I wasn't given one that for sure!
She didn't know what to think about the life jacket. It was a little big!
The clothes came off.
Everyone else got in the water while we played.
Looking at this picture, I can see a hint of me!

Thank goodness for ice paci!
She was so happy to be with her dada.
The end of the day. She was exhausted. You would think a day like this would cause her to sleep hard all night. That would be the case with 99% of the kids out there. Not this kid. She was up 4 times last night!