My but is officially kicked!!

Grad school has proven its self. I am left exhausted and swimming in a sea of homework. BUT, I can only be happy because that means that I have been blessed with the opportunity of getting my masters degree. No more complaining. Onto other things.

Wren is in the process of getting her top teeth. This weekend has been a sleepless one for us. She has had temperatures up to 103.8! It has been AWFUL. She was in such pain that she slept in bed with me on Friday night. That has never happened. The girl loves her bed and nothing else. She even let me hold her and love on her which never happens because she's to entirely too busy to sit still. These pictures are from today when she woke up from a nap. She is definetly the highlight of my day when I can't stand to look at another journal article. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!!


Estephania said...

Melissa, Lauren looks so grown up! What a little doll! Good luck with the teething... we are in the same boat here.


Beth said...

Love that face! Thanks for brightening our day with it! love ya.