A few firsts.......

Lauren had several "firsts" this weekend. One of them being her first parade. I figured she would scream during the police and firetruck sirens. Since she can scream louder than both, I guess it didn't phase her.

Another first involved a sucker. Both of her grandpas thought it would be a good idea to give her one. Needless to say, she really really liked it. After two licks I called it quits.

She wanted her sucker back.
This was after her first Popsicle that her Nanny thought she should have. Needless to say, she thought it was really cold, but she really really liked it. Once again, after two licks, I called it quits!

She also got to be in a "big" pool for the first time on Monday. She loved it!! She kept screaming over and over again and kicking her legs in excitement. That was in between her sneaking large gulps of pool water. I kept telling her to cut it out and tried to distract her, but the pool seemed to be a large sippy cup to her.


I am in LOVE with this bonnet from The Cottage Home! It is definitely my next reject project. Lindsay promises an easy project but speaking from past experience, easy never means easy. The whole outfit is amazing! If it weren't for the lack of good fabric stores in my area, I would already started on it. Ordering some Amy Butler fabric tomorrow.


8 months!

I'm a few days late, but Wren turned 8 months old on May 13th.
It seems like you have become a little girl over night. You are in 9-12 month clothes. Size 3 diaper. You are crawling all over the place, going up stairs with ease, and can pull up on all the furniture. You also are standing with one free hand. You are saying Da-Da now! You started waving bye bye this week. You started "sharing" your paci with me and your blanket this morning. This month's sleeping habits have been pretty rough. Although the past 2 nights have been good. You have started laying your head on our shoulders and snuggling with us lately. This is something you have never done. You are simply to busy to pause and just be held. You had your toes painted for the first time this month. They make you look so grown up! We are going through a fussy phase. I think that it is just more teeth coming in.

My darling bird and I love you so!

Happiness subsides quickly and I know that another nap
is quickly approaching! Note those pink piggies!!! I also made her shirt. It's hard to see but it's a little pink damask seahorse.


First time at the park!

I was off this week and Ryan was gone on a fishing trip. We had a lot of time on our hands so I thought it would be fun to go to the park. Needless to say, there's not much an 8 month old can do at a city park. So....we did about 7 hours of swinging and looking at the ducks.

Want a good laugh?

This is the sweet little jumper I set out to make this weekend. Very easy project, which means so many ways for me to derive from it (which I always do) to screw it up. So here is what it is supposed to look like. After I was done sewing the major seams, I figured I needed to try it on her to see if I needed to make any alterations before going forward. The alteration I made was throwing it in the trash.... I made it too small. I just knew it would fit. eick..... I'm over it!

For one, it turned out looking like overalls and not a jumper! I cut the midsection to narrow. Two, it was so tight on her ankles, Ryan thought we might have to cut it off of her. Fantastic waste of time.....I'm already on to my next project. Typical ADD in me wants to leave this unfinished project and go to a new one. The next one is a bonnet.

She looks horrified doesn't she? Nothing at all like the smiling toddler above, happy to show off her mommy's newest creation! Check out the tight ankle action....


My mothers day.....

A quick shot of Wren and I on Sunday. Wren, with the help of Nanny and Grandpa, got me this necklace from Etsy. It is beautiful reminder of my little bird. To add to the sweetness, Lauren drew on the envelope of my card with a crayon and then my parents traced her hand inside the card. When I saw it, I instantly told myself that I would keep it forever. That little hand that will never be that little again, will be so precious to me when she is 16 or even 30 for that matter. I never thought that a black crayon could warm my heart so much! I hope that everyone who celebrated had a heartwarming day.



After graduation, I worked briefly for a health corporation as their social worker. Soon after that I was given the opportunity to step into the pharmaceutical world and stayed for several years. After that, I took another sales position with a social service organization. These jobs provided us with a fantastic income, opportunities to travel, to buy a home, new cars, and a lifestyle that allowed us to live very comfortably. Over these years I have realized that money NEVER made me happy. I was always dissatisfied with my job just enough that it made me stressed and unhappy with my life.

I had been thinking about going back to grad school and getting my masters degree for a while. This was a huge decision since my program is very specific and doesn't allow much time for a full time job or part time for that matter. On top of losing my income, the cost of grad school is insane! I already have a school loan from my undergrad, so taking out more loans was out of the question. The only way that it would be possible was for me to get an assistantship that would provide me tuition reimbursement and a stipend for twenty hours of work at the school. The problem is that hundreds of people apply for these assistantships. I knew it was highly unlikely that I would get one but I tried anyway. I prayed for months that God would lead my life in a direction that would allow me to go back to what I enjoyed, what I truly felt he put me here for.

Last week, things fell strangely into place. Every obstacle that I thought was in my way, was moved and the opportunity was presented for me to quit my job and accept an assistantship. Life changed drastically within 24 hours. Life over the next year will be trying. On top of a full load of class, I have to work 20 hrs for my assistantship and work 20 hours for my practicum within a school. 55 hours of my week will be concentrated on school. That leaves little time for my family. I have had sleepless nights, wondering what my daughter will think when her mommy is absent on some days. Mother's guilt is the heaviest burden one can bear, I believe.

This will be a year of sacrifice. I know that this is the plan that God has for me or these opportunities wouldn't have fallen into place so easily. My mantra that I keep repeating is that it is only for one year. Hopefully Wren will be to little to remember her momma being gone so much. Please pray for our family this year. We will need it as we go through this new chapter in life.

Wren's Paci Collection......

Wren has a drawer in her room where there is a basket of paci's that she doesn't use. We only use the Nuk brand. One day I pulled out the basket to see what she would do with them. She played for 20 minutes, putting them in, yanking them out, putting another one in. This has become one of her favorite activities. Here is she trying them out. I especially love the hospital ones. They are so cute, but hard to keep in!


Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day to everyone! Recently, I had Wren's pictures taken by Katie. The pictures turned out amazing!! This one is one of my favorites. Being a mother has been the best 8 months of my life. I can only imagine what the years ahead will bring.

I also wanted to mention how blessed I am to have a mother that has taken it upon herself to watch my daughter for the past 5 months while I work. I can't tell her enough how thankful I am that I never have to worry for a moment that Wren isn't in the best of care. I love you mom! Thank you for all you do for me and your granddaughter.