The Foot and Football

So many people are asking us, "How is Ryan's foot doing?" Sorry I never posted the final update. Ryan had his port removed in his chest and went to oral antibiotics. Not too long ago he had the stitches taken out. In true Ryan fashion, he has improved his golf game significantly, and has consistantly won matches to place him closer to the Presidents match. All while the stitches were still IN I might add!

This weekend starts the Fantasy Football Madness. Ryan has been so excited about football starting that in some instances I have seen tears in his eyes. I know for the next several months I will hear the phrase "Da Bears", "Bears", "Ditka" chanting around this house like his own personal mantra. Fantasy football to me is like us girl playing Barbie dolls. We all fight about which one we wanted to be and then tell eachother how much prettier and better our dolls were than the other ones. Basically fantasy football is like that. They all gather in groups and "draft" (fight) about which player they want (tonight actually) and then they trash talk eachother the whole season about how the other teams are "Going Down!" For those who aren't up on the lingo that means, your going to lose sucker. Hey guys FYI the key word is "fantasy". Basically you're are all just playing Barbies. Only your Barbies are much uglier than the ones I used to play with!!

Pool Party!

Tonight we enjoyed Falan's parents pool. The kids loved it! We cooked out, ate too much, and of course took A LOT of photos! All the kids are getting so big this summer. Sophia is starting to talk in full sentences, Caden is going to Pre-K, Vance is trying to talk and Merrett is also going to school!

He is getting so big! Sophia and VanceShe LOVED Vance's Bumbo seat. She sat in it all night!Rockin the night away!Best Friends!Muscle time!!!!


Going Private

Alright, so I joined the bandwagon! Everyone else was going private with their blogs so I decided to also. Just to be on the safe side. There are a lot of weirdos out there!! So go ahead and bookmark the address or mark it as a favorite so you can have quick access to the link. I hope everyone is enjoying our last bit of summer! If I have left anyone out, and I know I have, please email me their address and I will add them! melisj1@hotmail.com


Evan's Concert

Last night was the big concert. We had a great turnout! I couldn't believe how many people would just walk up to our COTA table and just write a check to donate! I met so many wonderful people last night who have huge hearts and love this family! I even met a few who didn't know them at all but just saw the sign and wanted to come! I want to say a huge thanks to the COTA team, my wonderful parents (who were ushers), my wonderful husband (who was a kick but camera guy) and my wonderful friends who came to support! I know several friends who although weren't there have been there emotionally & even financially throughout this whole process! You know who you are! Thank You!The Merchandise TableHis Photo CollageMy Parents!

Falan, Tobey and I. Their husbands were there too!

Me and the camera guy. I think I look like a horse face in this photo, but I had to include it because I was so proud of my husband!



We have had so many mornings when we wake up and there are deer just roaming our yard. It seems to be the same family. Because the two little baby deer are always with them. That was a first for me to see deer up that close. Well except for those evening when you come face to face with them because you are about to hit them with your car!!!! This experience was much more peaceful!

Happy Birthday Katie

We went out last weekend for Katie's pre-birthday. It actually fell on Monday. Happy Birthday Katie! Have a fun weekend in St. Louis you two.


The Windy City

I was in Chicago this week for work. Of course without a doubt I had to see Wicked! We had fabulous seats!!!! I had Sendi my trusty partner come along so I could once again create another Wicked addict. It's coming to St. Louis in December!! I can't wait to go again with about 15 other ladies!
Sendi and I. We both wore dresses that made us look about 8 months pregnant. The dresses lie!!!
Thursday night we went to Hugo's Frog Bar. It was the best steak I have ever had. This is Deena, one of our Bowling Green, KY reps. She couldn't look more like a Kentucky girl if she tried.
My partners and I
Friday afternoon. We were about to perform our Area "Skit". We were the best of course out of our whole district. Pig tails and make shift freckles from my ever trusty eyeliner I always have on hand!
Sendi and I Kevin and I. My partner in crime and comedy. Close up of my freckles. Not too sure what we were doing at this moment. I was just impressed with the freckle job I did on myself without a mirror!!

My boss Kelli brought each of us one of these little elephants from Africa. She just got back from a mission trip. She bought them from a little road side stand where the man hand carved all of them. It was a wonderful thoughtful gift!