The Foot and Football

So many people are asking us, "How is Ryan's foot doing?" Sorry I never posted the final update. Ryan had his port removed in his chest and went to oral antibiotics. Not too long ago he had the stitches taken out. In true Ryan fashion, he has improved his golf game significantly, and has consistantly won matches to place him closer to the Presidents match. All while the stitches were still IN I might add!

This weekend starts the Fantasy Football Madness. Ryan has been so excited about football starting that in some instances I have seen tears in his eyes. I know for the next several months I will hear the phrase "Da Bears", "Bears", "Ditka" chanting around this house like his own personal mantra. Fantasy football to me is like us girl playing Barbie dolls. We all fight about which one we wanted to be and then tell eachother how much prettier and better our dolls were than the other ones. Basically fantasy football is like that. They all gather in groups and "draft" (fight) about which player they want (tonight actually) and then they trash talk eachother the whole season about how the other teams are "Going Down!" For those who aren't up on the lingo that means, your going to lose sucker. Hey guys FYI the key word is "fantasy". Basically you're are all just playing Barbies. Only your Barbies are much uglier than the ones I used to play with!!


Mama Muhs said...

Melissa--I just had to you that I so feel your pain on this one! Cody is a Bears fanatic himself and that's all I hear about for months around this house. I have a life-size poster of Brian Urlacher on my LIVING ROOM wall!!! I'm also always making fun of Cody for playing fanatasy football and how serious they all are about it. He goes to his "draft" some time this week and he's so excited because he got 2nd pick in the draft this season. I can't believe these are grown men! :)

The Farleys said...

Get this, Ryan is in 5 fantasy leagues!! FIVE! I hope you are feeling well!!! Take care!

mgntrower said...

I'm right there with the both of you...although we have no life size men in our living room, Matt is also in four fantasy leagues. I have to laugh...and it's SOOOOOOOOOO serious, hoe dare I do that???

The Farleys said...

Have you see the commericals yet for the fantasy football drafts? They are hilarious. Ryan said they are exactly like that in real life. Go to you tube to see them!

Megan, Can you please send me my invite again!! I thought I had your blog bookmarked. Must have been on the laptop. Thank you!!

fmiles said...

well... thanks to Farley!! Now he has Kalen started in that crazy shit... Kalen gets on the computer and I'm always asking what he is doing and he says "it is my fantasy football stuff".. It is even more funny because we used to laugh at Farley because he is in SO many fantasy leagues!!! well.. he can't laugh anymore!! crazy men...???