The Windy City

I was in Chicago this week for work. Of course without a doubt I had to see Wicked! We had fabulous seats!!!! I had Sendi my trusty partner come along so I could once again create another Wicked addict. It's coming to St. Louis in December!! I can't wait to go again with about 15 other ladies!
Sendi and I. We both wore dresses that made us look about 8 months pregnant. The dresses lie!!!
Thursday night we went to Hugo's Frog Bar. It was the best steak I have ever had. This is Deena, one of our Bowling Green, KY reps. She couldn't look more like a Kentucky girl if she tried.
My partners and I
Friday afternoon. We were about to perform our Area "Skit". We were the best of course out of our whole district. Pig tails and make shift freckles from my ever trusty eyeliner I always have on hand!
Sendi and I Kevin and I. My partner in crime and comedy. Close up of my freckles. Not too sure what we were doing at this moment. I was just impressed with the freckle job I did on myself without a mirror!!

My boss Kelli brought each of us one of these little elephants from Africa. She just got back from a mission trip. She bought them from a little road side stand where the man hand carved all of them. It was a wonderful thoughtful gift!


The Brooks Family said...

8 months pregnant! you look adorable, crazy girl! :) love all the pics. looks like you guys have some fun times!