Pink Glove Dance

My Aunt Barb is the best at sending the most AMAZING videos. This is a MUST WATCH!! See what St. Vincent's hospital in Portland is doing to show their support for the cure for cancer. Simply heartwarming and a good laugh all in one. The older gentleman who is the custodian is the best, make sure to watch for him! Thanks Aunt Barb!!



Happy Birthday Ryan!!

(Ryan three weeks before his second birthday)
Monday was Ryan's 29th birthday! We celebrated last weekend due to the gift I got him having to be delivered early. He got out of work last Friday with a note taped to his windshield letting him know he was on a scavenger hunt. The several clues led him to our favorite restaurant where I was waiting. All the clues had letters on the back that spelled out a word that would tell him what his gift was. He was thrilled about his Bears tickets and went to the game this past Sunday. Although they didn't win, again, I think he still enjoyed the game. I love you Ry! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!


Thanksgiving came a little early this year. Since a bunch of Ryan's side is traveling to Pennsylvania for the real Thanksgiving, we decided to have a mock dinner to celebrate all together. I ran for 2 hours this morning just so I could eat a little more.

The porch was decorated so beautifully, I just had to get a quick photo.
The annual "holiday" shot.
Dave, Kyle, Angie, Me, Ryan

The annual Dave asleep 2 minutes after dinner shot. He never fails to disappoint!

Trip to U of I.........

Last weekend our friends Andy and Brooke asked us to come to the Michigan vs. Illinois game. We were so exicted to go. With Andy being a huge Michigan, Ryan an Illini graduate, and this being a HUGE rivalry game, we knew we couldn't miss it. We stopped at Jupiter's for pizza and some pre-game drinks. Illinois beat the yellow pants off Michigan by a landslide! If you have never attended a U of I football game, you must. The environment is amazing! The fans have the most amazing team spirit. We had a blast!

Love our Muck Fichigan shirts?



This kid has obviously read my blog this week! Talk about boring........sorry for zero posts this week. I promise some are on their way....HAPPY FRIDAY!! Doesn't it seem like the past two weeks have been dragging by? Hope you all have fantastic plans!