Baby Farley is a ..........................

I am having the hardest time posting this! So I am resulting to this! I have been working on this for 2 hours now! We had the most amazing evening with our family and friends. A big post is coming, but for now copy and paste this url and find out what baby Farley is!!



The NEW Eclipse Trailer


The Big Reveal........

Monday at 8:40 a.m. is the big day. We find out whether baby Farley will be dressed in all pink or all blue! We are planning to have the tech write it down and stick it in an envelope free from our eyes. We are having a party that night to open up the envelope in front of our family and friends. I have had a feeling all along that it's a boy. But now, due to a "feeling" from a close family friend, I am now starting to think that it could be a girl. Like everyone says, we will truly be happy with either. So stinking cliche, but I have now found out that is the honest to God truth.

Our invites had this sweet little bee on the front. The first line is, "Boy or Girl, which one will it bee?" I love bees and they are a nice unisex, uh... insect. Of course I will post as soon as the night is over! Will it be monograms galore or golf clubs and Bears Jerseys?


For all you Twilight Fans.............

My mom has this in her entry way. I hope Alice is right!


Need a gift for the newlyweds or a new mother?

Remember this amazing picture that I posted awhile ago from Le Papier Studio? Vana, the founder of Le Papier Studio, is giving away a few items from her beautiful store to her loyal blog readers. Run there now and enter!!! The drawing will be on Wednesday! Good Luck! ; )


A Very Important Business Meeting .................


Dinner date with a blonde...

Jack came over tonight for a play date with me. I made spaghetti and toasted ravioli. We took advantage of the beautiful weather and ate outside. Leave it to the one without kids to hand him a fork and let him go at it. After 3o seconds of eating he was wearing most of it. I stripped him down and he enjoyed dinner in his diaper. After dinner he had half of it on the chair and his legs. Ryan showed him how fun it is to see spaghetti fly across the yard. He kept saying, "more, more!" He could have done that all night.

He would eat a little
Share a little

Pose a little. Actually, a lot.


This vegetarian is dreaming about................

For 2 months now, this is all I can think about.

Bennie's Italian Beef

17th Street BBQ with extra chow.

At the last wedding we were at they served BBQ. I went over and ogled Ryan's sandwich. Shamefully, I even asked if I could sneak a bite and he told me no! After thinking about it, I was relieved he told me no. (He was afraid I might get sick.) I think the guilt would have gotten to me anyways. Plus, one bite could have turned into the whole sandwich. Or worse, sneaking around and eating BBQs alone in my car. That's when you know you've hit rock bottom.



I am posting these pictures to suffice a few friends because truthfully, I hate both of these! You girls had better be happy! The first one is after mass on Easter morning. There were so many babies there at church. It hit me that this time next year, we too will have a baby at mass. It made me tear up.
The second picture is of us at my parents house on Easter. We had a wonderful brunch and then went back that evening for kabobs. The best part of Easter was that my Aunt Barb was here from Washington.The next time she is here, baby Farley will be here!

Thanks mom for the scary Panda Cat washmitt.........

I knew that my luck would soon run out. I had completed two crafts this weekend fairly easy without any major disasters. I thought I would try Martha's Washcloth Puppets tutorial today. Cutting a towel is the biggest mess ever!!! She has the animal pieces for you to cut out for your mitt. But I didn't have any of those colors of felt laying around. I had black so I decided to do a cat. Not only did this cat turn out looking like a panda, but I am sure if I used this on a kid he would probably cry from fear that the animal was going to attack. Damn you Martha. You make it look so easy. I am dying to do the pig but seriously, wear do you find a pale pig colored towel?

Cat or Panda? Or perhaps neither?
Me imitating what a catpanda would sound like.

Hair barrettes....

I started on these sweet hair barrettes yesterday. I think they are adorable. I have found that I love working with felt. It's so forgiving to work with. You can't mess it up and I love the homemade look to it. All the little girls I know wear huge bows, except for one. Miss Ava will get these and they will go perfectly with her beautiful curly hair! I got the idea from Purl Bee's Rose Barrette tutorial. It was super easy! Go there and see all the other awesome tutorials she has for the crafter. Oh and to answer those who might ask, "What if you have a girl? Keep them for her!" I have accepted the fact that this is a boy. No, I don't know that yet, but I have a strong feeling. So the cute cupcakes, barrettes, and bows will have to wait.

Birthday shirts........

I have started making these little birthday shirts for my friends kids. I recently made one for Madalyn, Courtney's little girl. I have three others I am working on right now, two for June and one for July. I got the idea off of a tv show. I saw a child wearing something similar to this. It looked simple enough. The only problem is working with the cupcake top which is a material called Minky. I was talking to the girl at the local fabric store about it and I told her that cutting and sewing with it is like slaughtering a muppet! Seriously, my house will be wearing this fuzzy material for the next 3 years.

Our first piece of baby furniture.....

A family friend has loaned this to us for baby farley. I think it is beautiful. Once we find out if it's a boy or girl we are changing out the fabric. It fits our home perfectly, white and a little shabby chic. I love it. I keep it in my sun room so I can see it everyday. Thanks Carol. We will take wonderful care of your family heirloom!