The Farleys in New York

Hello all.... I am sitting in the Newark Airport waiting for my flight and I thought that I would post pictures from when Ryan visited. We had a blast! The first pictures I've posted are from our Sopranos tour that we did. It was so fun! The other half are of the city. On Saturday night we saw Avenue Q on Broadway. It was hilarious! Imagine Seasame Street for Adults meets Rent. I laughed until I cried. I highly recomend it.

The hospital where "A Beautiful Mind" was shot The Resturant where the last scene of the Sopranos was shot
This is obviously the booth where the last scene was shot. They let all 40 of us take turns and sit in it and take a picture. Tony also ate onion rings in that scene and they had onion rings waiting for us.
Our booth shot
The Famous Bada Bing strip club. Yes, we went it! It was apart of the tour!!!
Alright, this is for Ryan. Only Soprano's fans would know what this means. This is behind the Bada Bing where "Ralphie" killed his stripper girlfriend "Tracie". He beat her head in on this guardrail. Nice picture, right?

Look at this narrow hotel!! Seriously two rooms wide! In the city. "Vito" came to our tour and signed autographs
Of course we had to get a picture
Great shot of the skyline from our tour bus
The pizza place that is in the opening credits of the show
Ryan had two things he wanted to do. The Sopranos tour and eat at Papaya Dog. Anthony Bourdain from the Travel channel featured both of them on his show.

I'm really second guessing this place
He loved his sauerkraut dogs but the papaya shake, not so much.
One of our only shots in the city together
The Famous Naked Cowboy, in Times Square
Me in front of the church by the World Trade Center memorial
The foggy city. 8 million people come in and out everyday! Hard to believe isn't?


The Countdown Begins......

This morning I took my final test and did my role play certification. I passed both!! So the countdown has begun. 24 hours from now I will be on a plane on my way home! I can't wait to see you all. See you soon!


Happy Birthday to my sister!

Just wanted to wish a BIG Happy Birthday to my sister Sami! I am so proud of you. Hope you had a wonderful day. Sending warm fuzzies from East Brunswick, New Jersey!


New York , New York

This past Friday Renee and I spent the weekend in the Big Apple. She was kind enough to fly in and keep me company during my long stint here on the east coast. We saw Wicked on Broadway on Friday night. Best one I have EVER seen!! Stephanie J. Block who plays Elphaba (the Wicked Witch) was identical to Idina Menzel's version who was the original Elphaba and the one on the CD. I loved being able to see it with Renee since it was her first time. We both cried several times throughout the show. After the show the weather was horrible. It was raining and snowing at the same time. We were both starving and walked to the closest place we could find. Good old Ray's Pizza. It seems like everytime I travel to NY the only place I eat is Ray's and Fluffy's which we ate there a couple of times too! Needless to say we arrived at Ray's drenched and Renee was in pain since she decided to wear 8 inch heels to walk through the city. (She paid for that the next morning.) We ate and then ran to our hotel. The next day we did some sightseeing. It was great to see her. She is the funniest friend I have. We laughed until 2 in the morning Friday night. I am sooo sad I only took about 7 pictures the whole weekend. Thanks Renee I love you and already miss you like crazy lady!


Alright, so I had to post this. Renee looked like a total Jewish (she's very Italian)New Yorker and I had to capture the shot. Kicky necklace Ren!

Me super excited to go to the WTC. I love this picture because I saw three women over the age of 80 wearing my hat. Obviously I am ahead of the times....The church directly in front of the World Trade Center. Everything around the blast was totally demolished. This church had trees and debree all around it and the church didn't have a scratch on it. Talk about God's grace! It was an amazing sight to see all of the signs and tributes they had to all of the lost victims. The front yard of the church facing the WTC

This beam was found in the yard of the church. It was in the shape of a cross. They left it there for a long time and then moved it to a church near by. It was nice to be with Renee seeing all of this. She and I were together on September 11th at college. We remember that day perfectly.

This was very moving. Above in the cross beams of the cross were notes that people had written for the loved ones they had lost.


Greetings from New Bruswick, New Jersey

I just ate lunch and went up to my classroom to type a message. I did have internet in my room but since there are so many of us we have drained the network and the internet is not working on my floor! I took another test this morning and I'm proud to say I scored a 100%. One more test to go next week and I'm out of here! We all just found out that the next training group coming up in 2 weeks is only staying for 2 weeks instead of 3. So we are the last group to have to endure the 3 week long pergitory. It's getting better day by day. On Friday night I started coughing a little and by Sunday it turned into a chronic cough. Finally on Tuesday my trainer told me I HAD to see a doctor because it was very apparent that I was very sick. I took a cab to see the doctor and he gave me some type of decongestant and it's helped a little. My cough has subsided but I still feel tired. Hopefully by the weekend I will feel better. We'll my group is starting to come in so I will sign off for now. Love to you all!



Just took a 50 question exam that was pure HELL!!!!!! I passed! Just wanted to let you all know! Update more tonight!