Greetings from New Bruswick, New Jersey

I just ate lunch and went up to my classroom to type a message. I did have internet in my room but since there are so many of us we have drained the network and the internet is not working on my floor! I took another test this morning and I'm proud to say I scored a 100%. One more test to go next week and I'm out of here! We all just found out that the next training group coming up in 2 weeks is only staying for 2 weeks instead of 3. So we are the last group to have to endure the 3 week long pergitory. It's getting better day by day. On Friday night I started coughing a little and by Sunday it turned into a chronic cough. Finally on Tuesday my trainer told me I HAD to see a doctor because it was very apparent that I was very sick. I took a cab to see the doctor and he gave me some type of decongestant and it's helped a little. My cough has subsided but I still feel tired. Hopefully by the weekend I will feel better. We'll my group is starting to come in so I will sign off for now. Love to you all!


The Brooks Family said...

miss you bunches and hope you get to feeling better soon! love ya!