Poor Poor Cat..........

I bought this awesome book where you turn socks and gloves into cute little animals. The modern version of the Sock Monkey. I didn't have any gloves to cut up so I took one of Ryan's socks and tried to replicate this cute little cat. This is what it turned out to look like. A armless goat cat. One, I broke my sewing machine and two I was so disapointed with my cat that I didn't bother sewing arms on the poor thing. I showed Ryan what it was supposed to look like and he just gave me the most pitiful look. I will not let this defeat me. I will march on and try to make the bunny when I find gloves in JULY!


My Fabulous Friend Katie.........

Katie and Bronson ran up to Chicago on Saturday and she brought me back one of my most favorite foods in the world!!!!!!! Garretts Popcorn! I could eat the cheese popcorn all day long if my tounge didn't fall off from all the sodium. If you don't know about Garrett's it's truly a mecca in Chicago. I have seen a line of at least 50 people waiting to get some of their famous popcorn. My favorite is the cheese. I have eaten in the last 30 mins of owning this fabulous tin of cheese lard at least 1/3 of it. I'm sure if I looked up the calorie content my head would explode. But then I'd piece it back together and go right on eating it again. Thank you Katie and Bronson. It was so nice of you guys to wait in line just to make me look that much nicer this weekend in my bathing suit. Much love!
Me and my ONE GALLON of cheese popcorn. The Bears tin is for Ryan of course!

I tried to take a picture of it to capture the fantasticness of the popcorn but it didn't turn out due to the glare of all the CALORIES

PerezHilton just posted this today!!!!! Pretty Exciting!

Very exciting news musical theater lovers!!!
Finally, a feature film adaptation of the Broadway smash Wicked is in the works.
Some names that we could easily see playing either role are: Anne Hathaway, Mandy Moore, Emmy Rossum, Kristen Bell and…..
Who would U love to see in the film????


Baby Jack and cabinets!

Bronson and Katie brought baby Jackson over tonight to play while the guys hung our cabinets! It was soooo good to see Katie. She is just a natural with the new mom role. Jack cried once for the whole time he was over. It wasn't even a cry though. We laughed how "cute" it was. Probably not as cute at 4 in the morning.
Katie and Jackson
I love his hands in this picture!
He was a little gassy here. He was ready for a bottle and a nap at this point!
Some cabinets and our new wall color!

More of the 4th!

We spent the 5th watching fireworks in Herrin at the High School parking lot.
Ryan sat and enjoyed the view of the parking lot
Vance waved at all the fireworks as they shot up in the air.
Caden sat up here for about 2 seconds. He then entertained all of us with his bike tricks.


The 4th!

We were suppose to go to St. Louis for the 4th, to meet up with friends from work and go to a concert. But we experienced a little paint catastrophy and we had to stay here to decide how to fix it. We visited with Ryan's family for a bit and then went over to a friends home for fireworks.

Ry and I

Casey, Brylan, and Dillan taking a break during the firework launch Ry and Angie his mom
Ry and Dave his dad