Do you Bento?

I have been crazy about Bento Boxes for about a year now. It was just until a month ago that Wren was old enough and had the need for one. She goes to a in home daycare two days a week for the social interaction and just as important, a break for my mom! Since she is currently a vegetarian and non-dairy drinker, I recognize that her diet is not as easy as the other kids at the daycare.  So I started packing her lunches for her much to Mrs. Tina's delight. Now, I don't consider myself a Bento-ist.  I don't go all out like most of them do mainly because I know Wren could care less what her food looks like. Maybe when she gets a little older, I will pull out all the stops.  For now, I will stick to my simple Bentos. I get so excited to make them and I'm constantly thinking about new things to place in them. Do you Bento for your kids? If so do you have any sites you just love? My favorite is Wendolonia.  I love her simple lunches and all her fun ideas. Check it out if you pack your little ones lunches.

Here are my Bentos.(Man, my camera work stinks!)
This is her morning snack. Peach soy yogurt, clementines, and blueberries. 
Peas, tofu bologna & cheese roll ups, blackberries, blueberries, and grapes.  

Some days........

Some days we are all put together, the house is clean, our hair is done, and my homework is complete.

 Other days look like this! I thought this picture was so pitiful it was precious. It's true. Not everyday is made beds, clean dishes, and bows in hair.  On these days she gets to pick out her own clothes, she wears her breakfast a little longer on her cheeks, and I forgo the bow torture. Thank goodness. Every once in a while we all need a break.


Potty in training..............

We introduced the potty chair about a month ago. Wren is doing fantastic with it! Most days when we are around the house she wears her big girl panties and her baby legs to keep her legs warm.  Her reward is M&Ms and a potty sticker that her Auntie Sami got her. We are so proud of her and our transition from diapers to big girl underwear. It's amazing how excited you get when you see poo poo and pee pee in a little pink potty. It's true what they say, "It's the little things that make life grand!"


These are my confessions............

Several of my blogging girlfriends have really been open about themselves on their blogs.  They write about their marriages, motherhood, themselves, and most of all their not so great moments.  One of my girlfriends Stephanie is so eloquent at writing about her neurotic Type A self and makes it sound oh  so beautifully hilarious.  So I thought I would take a moment, since this blog has been hijacked by my daughter, to write about myself. Since tomorrow is Friday, I will uncreatively call this, Five things about me Friday.   In the words of Usher, these are my confessions.

1.  I am a major control addict.  If I don't know what time it's happening, ending, all the details in between, I am likely to bail out before I even give it a second thought. I would be the worst person to throw a surprise party for. I would probably end up locking myself in the bathroom writing out an itinerary for the rest of the evening for the host/hostess.

2.  I have ADD.  Seriously, medication prescribed, full blown losing everything, starting new tasks before finishing current ones, constantly interrupting conversations, closet is a FEMA wreck, ADD.  My house is usually picked up and neat as a whistle (whatever that means), walk into my bedroom and it looks like what I imagine a episode of Hoarders depicts.  Ask my parents, this has been a life long battle. I know as an adult, it is my job to keep my house clean enough so that the city can't condemn it but my bedroom is like my own personal rebellion space, where I can throw clothes in untidy piles and leave my bed unmade if I chose.

3. I love to sing.  Now, I didn't say I was a great singer, but I love to sing.  I make it a point to make sure that I sing to Lauren at least once a day.  Our favorite tunes are, "Rise and Shine" and "You are My Sunshine".

4.  I pray at least 20 times a day.  These aren't 10 minute fully reflective prayers but simple givings of thanks.  Last night at 3:30 in the morning Lauren would NOT go to sleep.  I sat there rocking her and I kept thanking God that I could share this quiet moment with her.  Things like these are the little prayers I send up to God all through the day and night. 

5.  I'm a tad bit emotional.  Alright, I am a full fledged nut bag, cry at everything crazy person.  But, I come by it honestly.  My mother and I cry at parades and ridiculous television shows. Here's the icing on the cake, once at Sea World, I believe I was 22, we were watching an orka and dolphin show.  I looked over at my mom, lowered my sunglasses at her and we both realized we were crying!! What about a dolphin show makes anyone cry??? NOTHING! Who knows, but if it's a tad bit amazing, you can bet I will be sobbing. I just watched on You Tube baby sloths getting baths at the zoo and I cried.  Seriously? Maybe that's why God chose me to be a social worker.  Believe me, I am empathetic, even to sloths and dolphins.


Super Bowl Half time show

My dad just posted this photo on his Facebook page and I had to grab it and post it too.  Here was my half-time show.  Actually, this show went on through the whole game. These two are ridiculous together, which I absolutely love..........