Hooray! It's a Giveaway!

This Friday I will be hosting a wonderful GIVEAWAY!!!!! Check back Friday morning for all of the details!!


Life at Wrap Speed..........

I've been telling everyone that this semester is kicking my butt! I am gone most days from 8 am to 9 pm and I don't get a moment in between to breath.  I don't get to spend anytime with my family with the exception on the weekends.  BUT, big but, I remember that going to grad school is a privilege and truly, I don't know that "real problems" are.  Real problems are not having enough food to feed your family or having a child or spouse terminally ill.  My whining will stop here

On a much more thankful note, we had an important event happen this week.  Lauren went to home daycare 2 times this week. Up to this point, my wonderful mother has kept Lauren 5 days a week since she was 11 weeks old. My mom needs a break!  Lauren also loves being around other children and rarely gets to, so we decided to put her in home daycare 2 days a week.  The first day she cried most of the day.  In fact, when Ryan came to pick her up, a little boy said, "Your baby sure does cry loud".  I was fully expecting a phone call saying she couldn't come back.  Much to my surprise, the second day she was tearless. Mrs. Kathy reported that she ate more than any other child she has ever kept and she is learning new signs (all involving food of course).  If anyone is still following this BORING blog, here are a few pictures from this week!

 Right before her first day of daycare.
 Getting her jewelry on for Mrs. Kathy's. 
 Trying out the new red wagon her Great Grandpa Al rebuilt for her. Her cousin happily pulling her along.
 Swingin Swingin
 Second day of Mrs. Kathy's. Very happy!

Although my life is hectic, I appreciate each and every nutso moment of it.  Thank God that I have wonderful people around me that understand the source of my craziness!


11 months......

My sweet Wren turned 11 months on the 13th of August.  Last month was full of new things and the endings of old things. She started walking at 10.5 months.  It's so fun to see her coming down the hall tip toeing along.  My mother, myself, and Wren began walking on tip toes.  I continued into adulthood and will still do it occasionally.  She is signing "eat" and "more".  When asked what a cat and dog says she replies with the meow meow or panting noise.  She has developed an "awful cold", where she will fake sneeze and cough on cue.  She is in 12-18 month clothes & size 3 diaper. She is still sleeping through the night (thank you GOD!) and will go down at 7 p.m. and will be up at 6:14 a.m. on the dot.  She will play in her bed for about 15 minutes until she tries to get our attention. She takes 3-4 naps a day.  She is quite the water bug and loves to "splash splash".  She weaned herself from breastfeeding during month 10 and refuses any form of formula.  She is doing 3 bottles of coconut milk ( not doing cow's milk and nope it doesn't taste at all like coconuts) under the advice of our pediatrician.  She eats most table food and will go to the ends of the earth for her NANAs!!! She could eat 10 bananas a day if we let her.  Most of all, my baby is becoming a little toddler.  This transformation is breaking my heart and also makes me realize just how short time really is with our children.  Ask me again if this time flying by deal is breaking my heart when she is 16. Oh and by the way, these crib shots are getting harder and harder by the month.  I believe that next month will be our last..... 

 Reflecting on the month she has had. 
Walking around her bed after she threw the sign out of her crib in protest.  


I'm back, well sort of.

After a brief blog hiatus due to a sick camera (still in the shop getting the barrel replaced!) and my internet constantly coming and going, thanks Frontier, I am back to blogging. I have had a WONDERFUL week off from grad school and my grad assistant-ship.  Wren and I played a lot, organized, cleaned, and those other things your supposed to do during those late summer days.  Wren started walking 2 weeks ago.  She is mobile and is all over the house.  She has gained a new independence which allows me to get away for a few moments here and there.  Here's a brief overview of the past couple of weeks from my borrowed camera!

Wren's first dinner date with our buddy Luke.  She kept wanting to grab him and kiss him.  
He wasn't fond of her for the most part. 
 Lots of swimming and drinking pool water. 
 Wren and mommy time
 Lots of brushing of her 6 teeth and yanking out hair bows which equate to the poor pitiful child look. 
 I know all you bloggers have seen the ever popular "rose cake" that's going around.  Yeah.....it doesn't fair well with fluff icing.  Although ugly, it was still edible and tasted quite good!
 Lots of walking.  Sometimes it's easier to walk without pants.
 Most importantly, taking the time to stop and smell the flowers.  
This is something Wren LOVES to do.  This is of Wren and her Great Grandpa.


Friday nights

Blankey, paci-bunny, and a basket full of warm clean towels make for a good Friday night.


Spiral Pie

Just a quick post to show you the new pie I made.  Yesterday  I tried my first attempt at the spiral top pie.  At first it was ridiculously hard until I got a system going.  I had a bunch of white peaches and I wanted to use some before freezing the rest.  I think it turned out pretty well with the exception of a few mess ups. 


Broke Camera

This is why I haven't posted lately.  My camera is in the shop. No, this isn't my actual camera.  My shutter wouldn't open and close properly and left a shadow on all photos.  It's at the camera hospital for now and will hopefully be released soon. Ugh.......