Life at Wrap Speed..........

I've been telling everyone that this semester is kicking my butt! I am gone most days from 8 am to 9 pm and I don't get a moment in between to breath.  I don't get to spend anytime with my family with the exception on the weekends.  BUT, big but, I remember that going to grad school is a privilege and truly, I don't know that "real problems" are.  Real problems are not having enough food to feed your family or having a child or spouse terminally ill.  My whining will stop here

On a much more thankful note, we had an important event happen this week.  Lauren went to home daycare 2 times this week. Up to this point, my wonderful mother has kept Lauren 5 days a week since she was 11 weeks old. My mom needs a break!  Lauren also loves being around other children and rarely gets to, so we decided to put her in home daycare 2 days a week.  The first day she cried most of the day.  In fact, when Ryan came to pick her up, a little boy said, "Your baby sure does cry loud".  I was fully expecting a phone call saying she couldn't come back.  Much to my surprise, the second day she was tearless. Mrs. Kathy reported that she ate more than any other child she has ever kept and she is learning new signs (all involving food of course).  If anyone is still following this BORING blog, here are a few pictures from this week!

 Right before her first day of daycare.
 Getting her jewelry on for Mrs. Kathy's. 
 Trying out the new red wagon her Great Grandpa Al rebuilt for her. Her cousin happily pulling her along.
 Swingin Swingin
 Second day of Mrs. Kathy's. Very happy!

Although my life is hectic, I appreciate each and every nutso moment of it.  Thank God that I have wonderful people around me that understand the source of my craziness!