I'm back, well sort of.

After a brief blog hiatus due to a sick camera (still in the shop getting the barrel replaced!) and my internet constantly coming and going, thanks Frontier, I am back to blogging. I have had a WONDERFUL week off from grad school and my grad assistant-ship.  Wren and I played a lot, organized, cleaned, and those other things your supposed to do during those late summer days.  Wren started walking 2 weeks ago.  She is mobile and is all over the house.  She has gained a new independence which allows me to get away for a few moments here and there.  Here's a brief overview of the past couple of weeks from my borrowed camera!

Wren's first dinner date with our buddy Luke.  She kept wanting to grab him and kiss him.  
He wasn't fond of her for the most part. 
 Lots of swimming and drinking pool water. 
 Wren and mommy time
 Lots of brushing of her 6 teeth and yanking out hair bows which equate to the poor pitiful child look. 
 I know all you bloggers have seen the ever popular "rose cake" that's going around.  Yeah.....it doesn't fair well with fluff icing.  Although ugly, it was still edible and tasted quite good!
 Lots of walking.  Sometimes it's easier to walk without pants.
 Most importantly, taking the time to stop and smell the flowers.  
This is something Wren LOVES to do.  This is of Wren and her Great Grandpa.


Estephania said...

so glad you had a great week! i can't wait to see that little peanut in person... she is so precious! xoxo

Beth said...

Great pics! She is just getting too big too fast. Can't wait to see how much she's changed in person!