Hanging out with the BEETLES!!!

I'm here to sing praises of the Beetle Bag. This thing is AMAZING! I bet there are 300 beetles in the bag already! Scroll down if you want to be grossed out!
Garden in full bloom almost half full!

Watching Paint Dry (Boring Post)

The walls in our new drywalled kitchen and living room are filled now with about 15 different paint swatches. As you can see it looks like a nautical rainbow had a head on collision with my walls. Finally today we found one we agreed on and liked. So it's now onto painting.


Night Vision

I woke up this weekend to find this. I just had to take the picture. I don't know why cats always seem to think you want them to sleep on your head but they do.. It's almost as though little kitty thinks hes doing Ryan a favor. As you can tell, Ryan didn't seem to mind.


Baby Parrish has Arrived

Jackson arrived early this morning at 12:14 a.m. 7 lbs and 12 oz. 20 inches long. Katie and Bronson are doing wonderfully! He will be coming home on Wednesday afternoon. This is the first child for the Parrish's. Warm wishes to you three!


Sunday Night T.V.

Just a cute picture of Ry and Little Kitty. Intently watching some ridiculous show on the largest fish ever caught.

Beetles, Bees & Birds

We have some new visitors this summer. Bees and Beetles. The Beetles have chewed up all of my sweet daisies. Ryan's mom suggested I buy a Beetle bag from Wal-Mart. Boy and I glad I did. Within 2 mins of putting it together and hanging it on our light post it was full of Beetles. By the end of the day I bet we had over 200 of those suckers in the bag. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone with those jerky bugs. The smell that atracts them to the bag is quite similar to a Chai Latte strangely. Our other visitor is attracted to my huge lavendar bush. Bees are constantly swarming it! I enjoy them though. I like to try to take pictures of them while they are taking out the nectar. Another issue we are having is birds slamming into our bedroom and sunroom windows early in the morning. Dead birds laying around is quite gross! Anyone have any ideas to stop these kamikazi birds?

Chewed up daisies from those jerky beetles

Beetle Death RowAfter about 10 mins!!!!! Crazy huh?A view of my little flower gardenMy prized lavendar bush that was a little tiny plant last year! Bees and the lavendar
Bee Balm this smells wonderful and grows like crazy
Green eyed Suzies
Just a fun picture of my lavendar


Popcorn Anyone?

Yesterday the workers came to scrape the popcorn texture off our ceiling. I walked out of my bathroom while they were doing it and you could have cut the dust with a knife. Thank goodness the weather is nice right now. We can't turn on our air until they are done because of our ac getting clogged. Plastic is down everywhere. We are down to 2 rooms we can live in. Our den and our bedroom. Hopefully this phase will be done soon. Everything in my house including me are covered in sheetrock dust.


Officially Done!!! Well, for awhile that is!

Ryan just finished his job in the kitchen. Tomorrow the pros are coming in to finish the rest. I'm so glad to have my husband back in the evenings now!

Blueberry Hill........

Ry and I went to Blueberry Hill this afternoon to pick blueberries. But were a little too early. Blueberries aren't ready until the week of the 23rd. Raspberries are available next Saturday but today all we could pick were strawberries! Here are some shots of our pickins!


More Kitchen photos!

I know, I know, these are sooo boring! But to have actually sheetrock on our kitchen walls makes me thrilled! Ryan has worked like crazy to get this all done in time for our sheetrock guy to come and finish it.

Burp Cloths for Baby Parrish

I'm helping throw a baby shower tomorrow for my friend Katie. These are the burp cloths I made for her and baby Parrish. We know it's a boy but Bronson and Katie are keeping his name a surprise. She is doing a beautiful nautical theme for his room. Here's what I came up with.
Blue and white seersucker and a plaid polo like fabric

Katie has a blanket with all of the nautical flags on
it in his room. I thought they would be cute on the cloths.


New Kitchen Photos

We are totally bare to the floors to the walls. We are awaiting the cabinets to come in and our new appliances are patiently waiting in the livingroom.