Beetles, Bees & Birds

We have some new visitors this summer. Bees and Beetles. The Beetles have chewed up all of my sweet daisies. Ryan's mom suggested I buy a Beetle bag from Wal-Mart. Boy and I glad I did. Within 2 mins of putting it together and hanging it on our light post it was full of Beetles. By the end of the day I bet we had over 200 of those suckers in the bag. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone with those jerky bugs. The smell that atracts them to the bag is quite similar to a Chai Latte strangely. Our other visitor is attracted to my huge lavendar bush. Bees are constantly swarming it! I enjoy them though. I like to try to take pictures of them while they are taking out the nectar. Another issue we are having is birds slamming into our bedroom and sunroom windows early in the morning. Dead birds laying around is quite gross! Anyone have any ideas to stop these kamikazi birds?

Chewed up daisies from those jerky beetles

Beetle Death RowAfter about 10 mins!!!!! Crazy huh?A view of my little flower gardenMy prized lavendar bush that was a little tiny plant last year! Bees and the lavendar
Bee Balm this smells wonderful and grows like crazy
Green eyed Suzies
Just a fun picture of my lavendar


Jane said...

Stupid beetles and bees! But, all of your flowers are beautiful. The bee-balm you gave me is starting to bloom. I just love it. Happy gardening!!! Mom

Mama Muhs said...

What great pictures, Melissa! Your flowers are so pretty! We had asian beetles (like lady bugs but they smell horrible) when we first moved into our house. They were EVERYWHERE. Now that we get our house sprayed every three months we haven't had much of a problem. As for the birds, the people that lived in my grandma's house before her seemed to have the same problem because there was a black cutout of a bird taped to her sliding glass door. They just did it out of black construction paper. Apparently they will think it's another bird and not want to go near it. It's worth a try!

The Farleys said...

Thanks for the idea! I will get some black paper today! I'll do anything to get rid of them!

Gaye Youngman said...

We used to have birds flying into our living room windows. I liked the look of our windows without the screens, but always had to put them in for the spring and summer -- that seemed to help. When the trees got bigger and shaded the house we stopped having the problem.