Baby Jack

Katie came over the other night and of course I did a baby Jack photo shoot. He is starting to smile a lot. This is the only one I got of him "almost" smiling!

A few pictures from my birthday.........

A few pictures from my birthday.

My mom baked my favorite cupcakes.
Notice that the tree is half empty! It was full last night!

Ryan's gifts for me. I had to take a picture because they were so pretty.
He got my a Ipod docking station. We hooked it up in the kitchen.
I love to listen to music while we cook.
My face hurt from smiling so hard in this photo! My favorite colored box!
A new bracelet to replace an old, old, very old one!

Orange Crush Cupcakes! These are ALL gone.

Today I blew this little candle out on my cupcake and made a wish!

These boys are just so sickening! Look at how little kitty's arm is tucked under Tinley's. They are so dear to each other.

Happy Birthday to me.......

Tomorrow September 1st is my birthday. I share this day with my Aunt Barb who also was born on September 1st. Aunt Barb & Pat along with my parents bought me this beautiful Magnolia tree. I have been wanting one for so long! It was delivered yesterday and this morning Ryan planted it in our front yard. Thank you soooo much. It was such a thoughtful birthday gift! Had to include this photo. My husband standing on our truck,
with a chainsaw attached to a pole, cutting down tree limbs. Not the
safest thing I could think to do this morning. He is resourceful, I'll give him that!

A night out with the Parrish's

Last week we got together with Bronson, Katie, and Jack.
Here are a few pictures from that night.
Bronson and baby Jack
A family shot
Ry and I (can you tell he's done a little golfing this summer?)Baby Jack
Katie and I

A very special birthday gift!

My friend Katie did something so cool for my birthday. She did her own version of Oprah's Favorites, only it was Melissa and Katie's favorites. She wrapped each gift up in beautiful khaki paper completed it with green ribbon and placed all of them in this great beach bag. All of the gifts were things we both loved and surprisingly didn't have! The item's included one of my all time favorite movies, Talladega Nights, her favorite book (which I just read and cried my eyes out!) Bridges of Madison County, Dove Dark Chocolate, a bracelet she made, a John Stewart book (who we both love), and my Dunder Mifflin t-shirt straight from The Office television show, which is Katie, Ryan, and my favorite tv show of all time,(New season starts the 25th!!!) and a picture of us. It was so awesome for her to put that much thought into all of it. A really great gift Katie, thank you!!

A day in the life of Ryan.......

Ryan asked if his mom and I come out to FCCC to see him finish in his last tournament of the summer. We rode with him through his last 3 holes. I don't golf and I can't see how someone could love standing in 100 degree weather doing so. But he lives for golf. It was fun to see him doing what he loves the most, well other than the BEARS. (Which is starting up in a week from today I was just told.)Action shot
A neat little toxic waste worm.
Two years later. We had one of our wedding photos shot just like this.


Happy Birthday Jan

Jan Oestman turned 50 this week and her and Dr. Oestman had a wonderful celebration for her at their home.

A 50 made out of cream puffs!
The birthday girl
Her daughter Jenna, one of my drill team
girls of 5 years, and her son Mattox
Angie and David
Ry and I

Jan cutting a rug to the band.

Jan and Jenna dancing

Kristen and Angie dancing

Angie, Me, and Malorie

The ladies getting down

The tent was so pretty at night

A night out

I came home from St. Louis on Thursday night and we met up with Bronson and Katie to eat at Walt's. We all needed to unwind a little and enjoyed the outside patio area and a few adult drinks. I just had to include this picture of their T-Bird. They just got it back from being repainted and all shined up!

Working in St. Louis

I had to go to St. Louis for work this week. I posted a couple of pictures for my co-workers.

This is Liz, Ashley, and I. These are the girls I spent a
month in New Jersey with during training. David, Tara, and Kevin
We were forced to bowl as a "team building" activity. It was actually a lot of fun.
Liz and her partner Jim
We had to do 10 push ups if we crossed the line. This is Jane
My partner Rick and I

Liz and Jane

Jane and Kevin won with the highest combined score. I on the other hand got bonus points for the lowest score! I was happy because I bowled a 64 on the last game! A huge improvement from a 24 which I bowled on the first one.

I took a picture of the last day of our meeting because these four dressed alike.

Liz, Ashley, John and Rick


The Peabody Ducks

Memphis in August

We just came back from a little weekend get away. Memphis was over 100 degrees everyday. But what do you expect in August! We drove into Memphis and stayed with Ryan's Uncle Mike and Aunt Debbie. We went to an awesome hibatchi grill restaurant and the next morning the guys played golf and the girls went for a swim. We then drove to our hotel and ate some lunch at a highly recommended rib place. The concert was Saturday night. It was at a minor league baseball field. Dave Matthews was awesome and played for over 2 hours. We then walked through Beale Street grabbed some drinks and went back to the hotel, exhausted! This morning we went to see the ducks at the Peabody. It was really cute and of course I cried. Now we are back and dreading Monday already! Hope everyone else had a safe weekend and have a great week! Can you believe it's August already!?

At the Hibatchi grill
Ryan and Uncle Mike
Mushrooms swimming in butter stuffed with crab and shrimp
I had to take a picture of Ryan's ribs
Sadly after wanting to try something exciting and new,
I got chicken strips. I was pretending to be super excited to try one! At the concert where we both sweat at least 15lbs off a piece.

A horrible shot of the stage. Although we got great
stadium seats they built his stage in the back of the outfield!

Beale Street Saturday night

Waiting for the ducks!