Memphis in August

We just came back from a little weekend get away. Memphis was over 100 degrees everyday. But what do you expect in August! We drove into Memphis and stayed with Ryan's Uncle Mike and Aunt Debbie. We went to an awesome hibatchi grill restaurant and the next morning the guys played golf and the girls went for a swim. We then drove to our hotel and ate some lunch at a highly recommended rib place. The concert was Saturday night. It was at a minor league baseball field. Dave Matthews was awesome and played for over 2 hours. We then walked through Beale Street grabbed some drinks and went back to the hotel, exhausted! This morning we went to see the ducks at the Peabody. It was really cute and of course I cried. Now we are back and dreading Monday already! Hope everyone else had a safe weekend and have a great week! Can you believe it's August already!?

At the Hibatchi grill
Ryan and Uncle Mike
Mushrooms swimming in butter stuffed with crab and shrimp
I had to take a picture of Ryan's ribs
Sadly after wanting to try something exciting and new,
I got chicken strips. I was pretending to be super excited to try one! At the concert where we both sweat at least 15lbs off a piece.

A horrible shot of the stage. Although we got great
stadium seats they built his stage in the back of the outfield!

Beale Street Saturday night

Waiting for the ducks!