Working in St. Louis

I had to go to St. Louis for work this week. I posted a couple of pictures for my co-workers.

This is Liz, Ashley, and I. These are the girls I spent a
month in New Jersey with during training. David, Tara, and Kevin
We were forced to bowl as a "team building" activity. It was actually a lot of fun.
Liz and her partner Jim
We had to do 10 push ups if we crossed the line. This is Jane
My partner Rick and I

Liz and Jane

Jane and Kevin won with the highest combined score. I on the other hand got bonus points for the lowest score! I was happy because I bowled a 64 on the last game! A huge improvement from a 24 which I bowled on the first one.

I took a picture of the last day of our meeting because these four dressed alike.

Liz, Ashley, John and Rick