A very special birthday gift!

My friend Katie did something so cool for my birthday. She did her own version of Oprah's Favorites, only it was Melissa and Katie's favorites. She wrapped each gift up in beautiful khaki paper completed it with green ribbon and placed all of them in this great beach bag. All of the gifts were things we both loved and surprisingly didn't have! The item's included one of my all time favorite movies, Talladega Nights, her favorite book (which I just read and cried my eyes out!) Bridges of Madison County, Dove Dark Chocolate, a bracelet she made, a John Stewart book (who we both love), and my Dunder Mifflin t-shirt straight from The Office television show, which is Katie, Ryan, and my favorite tv show of all time,(New season starts the 25th!!!) and a picture of us. It was so awesome for her to put that much thought into all of it. A really great gift Katie, thank you!!