Please Pray Right Now For Evan

Natalie just called me. The last two hours of the surgery have been pretty rough. They are having a hard time getting the heart to beat on it's own. Please pray for him right now. Please

A Poem for Evan

As I was driving home tonight really tired. I might have been on the verge of delerious. I thought of this poem for Evan:

On the last day of June in the year 2007
A miracle was completed, Jesus granted it from Heaven.

The miracle was for an angel, so handsome so smart
The little boy was so sick, he needed a new heart.

So Jesus wondered, pondered, & thought with his magnificent brain,
I know how I will deliver this miracle; I will deliver it by train.

For you see, Thomas was the little boy’s most prized possession.
He played with him, laid with him, gave him all his love and affection.

So Jesus wrapped up his miracle and sealed it with his healing kiss
And Thomas chugged and chugged his way proudly all the way to St. Louis.

“No, No that’s not the way it happened I was there that very day
A helicopter delivered Evan’s heart.” That’s what most people would say.

But if you would have looked and listened closely on the street below,
You would have seen Thomas all blue and bright surrounded in a heavenly glow.

Thomas delivered the heart to the doctors and said “I know that Evan needs this”.
I know because his Maker told me, his Maker goes by Jesus.

So off in a cloud of smoke and a TOOT TOOT Thomas he did go
And Jesus cheered and smiled as he looked at Evan from Heaven down below.

This is the day of miracles and answered prayers Evan’s family did say
It was also when Thomas the Engine and Jesus both saved the day.


Natalie and Sean got the call this morning that the hospital was ready with Evan's new heart!! Please go to www.cotaforevand.com to see the latest updates with the surgery and to sign the guestbook if you'd like. I am reminded again that God isn't always on our timeline. Today was the day he was finally finished preparing the most perfect heart for him.

Psalms 40 : 1 I waited patiently for the LORD; and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry.


Last night Natalie, Evan, and I went to see Thomas and Friends live at the Carson Center in Paducah. We kept telling Evan, "We are going to see the real Thomas right now. A really big Thomas not the cartoon kind!" He didn't seem to believe us. Once we got there he was still a little unsure until he saw Thomas chug on stage. We ate at Flamingo Row in Paducah afterwards. The whole evening Evan was so well behaved as always! We had a blast!!!

They made it apparent that there was NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY, I couldn't help it. Evan needed a picture of Thomas!

He is holding a Thomas light we got there at the show. He slept with it I was told.

Evan and Mommy

This is them playing the "Wipe off the kisses game".

This is our statue face. He likes to pretend he's a statue lately. I quite scared one I guess.

Statue face again!


5 little hotdogs

This is a video clip I took of Evan with my phone. He was singing us a song. He is saying,"Five little hotdogs sitting in the pan, the grease got hot and one when BAM! Hard to hear with my fancy phone film footage.

A day with Evan

On Thursday, Evan was admitted back into the hospital for constant vomiting and diarrhea. Today I went to visit him and Natalie in St. Louis. Of course Evan was an absolute angel. He was such a fun time. There wasn't a moment where he wasn't smiling or singing me a song. Then out of no where he would look at his mommy and say "I love you mommy". I have said it once and I will say it again, this child make my soul smile. He is such a trooper. He is constantly hooked up to a pole with an IV that goes into his chest. He just moves it right along if he needs to go anywhere. There is a small closet in the room where he has started hiding in. The nurses and doctors will come in and say "Where's Evan??". He is there behind the door just gigling. Today the closet was his crane. He worked all afternoon in the crane filling it up with gas (his baby lotion bottle) and oil. We paid him in pennies. He was quite happy. I hated to leave there tonight but I knew I will see him again soon! Please keep him in mind tomorrow around noon. He is having another surgery to hopefully stop all of his bad symptoms. Thanks everyone!

He was looking at the book I brought him.
This doll is a little boy that needs a heart too! The hospital has a program where all transplant children get dolls that also need new hearts. He told me that "Nana's" heart is sick, just like his. Evan named him Nana because the doll's hair is the color of a "nana" (banana). The doll has an incision just like his and a big red heart under the little hosptial gown.

He was showing me the tube Nana has just like his.
Evan and Natalie Spongebob and Sprite his two favorites

Here is the closet he hides in.
This is where he says, "Where am I"?Always smilingFish facesEvan was choosen to be in a picture that is in the new transplant wing of the hospital. He is pictured with the Build A Bear founders. They donated a generous amount to the hospital for the new renovations.
I took this after leaving the hospital. After the horrible storm they had up there the sun was shining. You can see the skyline under the sun beams if you look closely. I thought it was beautiful. God's little reminder that even through the roughest storms there is always light at the end of the tunnel.


Ryan & Sarah's Wedding

This evening we went to Blue Sky Winery for Ryan and Sarah's wedding. It was beautiful!! The weather was so perfect. It was just the right outside during the ceremony and once the reception started and we moved inside the rain poured. It was so romantic!! It was a great night.

The Simpkins Family

Ryan and I
(Yep, got my haircut.5 inches taken off!!) The Miles Family minus one child (Caden was at his Maw Maws)

Love this picture of Sophia

Those beautiful children!!!
Smiling because we were about to eat!!!
Baby Vance

Ryan anounced that he is in the wedding ribbon gang. Mint green is obviously his gang color and this is his gang sign. (No he wasn't under the influence)

Ryan likes to pose for pictures.


Happy Father's Day!

For all of you out there with pets (with no children) you all know that they are like your kids. I know, pretty pathetic. Once we do have children I know I'll look back at these posts with the cats and laugh at how simple life used to be. Well, until that day I would like to wish Ryan, Happy Cat Dad Day. For all of you dog and cat dads out there Happy Cat/Dog Dad Day to you as well. And to all my friends who now have children, Happy Fathers Day. You guys are all great. I am so blessed to be surrounded by all your children. To our fathers, thank you for your patience throughout our 26 years. We love you!!!!

Sickening!!!! These boys are so cute.


Evan Update

Evan's mom Natalie just called and told me that Evan is being admitted into Children's Hospital this evening. He is not doing very well. We are all still waiting for the perfect heart to make Evan all better. For some reason God is still working on it and we have to wait paitently. Please pray for him and his family tonight and this week. His family has gone through so much thus far and the weight that they bear is still so heavy. Thanks everyone for all the well wishes and prayers. I will update you as soon as I hear.



Sale Pending!
After two weeks of being on the market we recieved an offer and accepted it today!!! Yeah!!!! Hopefully I'm not jinxing it already telling everyone. Keep your fingers crossed.


Random Saturday Pictures

I thought I would just post some random pictures from today.

This is Tinley's chair. No one but him gets to sit in it. Little Kitty decided that he was going to go ahead and just try to take a nap in it. Tinley showed him. He crawled up there and literally sat on him and they both slept. I moved Tinley because I thought he might squash Lil' Kitty to death.
As you can tell they really didn't mind.
After two weekends of our fathers coming over and helping Ryan, we finally got the jacuzzi going. Fabulous!!! Thanks Dads!!
I was trying to get a shot of my honeysuckle. I have tons of it. It makes our house smell wonderful.
Tonight the Elk's had it's open house for it's brand new building. Ryan became a member a couple of months ago. This is him with his mother. I think they look like twins.

Grandma Phyllis, Ryan, and Angie

Me and my crazy (in a great way!) father in law, David. He is such a riot!!! He can always find the most unapropriate time to crack a joke. He gets in trouble quite alot.