A Poem for Evan

As I was driving home tonight really tired. I might have been on the verge of delerious. I thought of this poem for Evan:

On the last day of June in the year 2007
A miracle was completed, Jesus granted it from Heaven.

The miracle was for an angel, so handsome so smart
The little boy was so sick, he needed a new heart.

So Jesus wondered, pondered, & thought with his magnificent brain,
I know how I will deliver this miracle; I will deliver it by train.

For you see, Thomas was the little boy’s most prized possession.
He played with him, laid with him, gave him all his love and affection.

So Jesus wrapped up his miracle and sealed it with his healing kiss
And Thomas chugged and chugged his way proudly all the way to St. Louis.

“No, No that’s not the way it happened I was there that very day
A helicopter delivered Evan’s heart.” That’s what most people would say.

But if you would have looked and listened closely on the street below,
You would have seen Thomas all blue and bright surrounded in a heavenly glow.

Thomas delivered the heart to the doctors and said “I know that Evan needs this”.
I know because his Maker told me, his Maker goes by Jesus.

So off in a cloud of smoke and a TOOT TOOT Thomas he did go
And Jesus cheered and smiled as he looked at Evan from Heaven down below.

This is the day of miracles and answered prayers Evan’s family did say
It was also when Thomas the Engine and Jesus both saved the day.